"The New Mainstream Media: Social Video and Its Implications" at TVOT NYC 2017

ITVT is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2017 session, "The New Mainstream Media: Social Video and Its Implications." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

"90% of the mainstream media is owned by six companies. Yet the emerging mainstream--social video--is a distributed network of content creators who are going direct-to-audience. This session will a) explore the ways in which social video and the new paradigms (for creators, for content, and for the relationship with the audience) to which it has given rise will change the nature of television; and b) ask what role the established media companies will have to play as social video becomes the new mainstream. Will those companies still be relevant? Will it even be possible for content producers to assert authority amidst the democratization of video? What is the future of TV in an age of fragmented attention? And what new possibilities--and pitfalls--will emerge?" Panelists included:
Chris Castallo, Head of Development, Verizon go90Mike Chen ("Strictly Dumpling"), YouTube StarMarc Hustvedt, CEO, Above AverageSteve Oh, Chief Business Officer, The Young TurksBob Sullivan, SVP of Programming, TEGNATracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, ITVT (Moderator)