Radio ITVT: Addressable TV Leaders Roundtable at TVOT SF 2019

ITVT is pleased to present a free audio recording of the TVOT SF 2019 session, "Addressable TV Leaders Roundtable." While we are making the recording available free of charge, you can also purchase a transcript of the session, for a nominal fee ($35), here:

The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

"According to the Video Advertising Bureau, spending on addressable TV advertising will rise to $3.3 billion next year, and 55% of advertisers who are currently using addressable plan to increase their spend. However, while the space is clearly experiencing significant growth, spending on addressable still accounts for a mere fraction of the $70 billion spent each year on television advertising.

This session will bring together representatives of the companies and consortia that are most responsible for addressable TV's growth to date, in order to discuss important new developments in the space, and debate how the industry can best address market fragmentation and other factors (expensive CPMs, "over-targeting," etc.) that could stand in the way of its continued growth. Topics of discussion will include: Recent significant innovations in addressable advertising on live-linear TV and VOD and on MVPD and connected-TV platforms respectively; the impact of recent mergers and acquisitions; the prospects for industry-wide standardization; the significance of new initiatives such as Project OAR and OpenAP 2.0, and of developments such as Xandr's launch of its Community marketplace and Nielsen's creation of its Advanced Video Advertising Group; the potential impact of AI, blockchain and other emerging technologies on the space; how best to measure the effectiveness of addressable-TV advertising; and more." Panelists included:

•Kevin Arrix, SVP, DISH Media Sales
•Andy Barnet, VP of Western Advertising Sales, Xandr
•Jason Bolles, SVP of Advanced Advertising, Nielsen
•James Moore, CRO,
•Zeev Neumeier, Founder, Inscape
•Gerrit Niemeijer, CTO, NCC Media
•Chris Pizzurro, Head of Sales and Marketing, Canoe (Moderator)

Note: We will be announcing our next TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT NYC 2019, soon. Stay tuned for details!