Radio ITVT: Dialogue with Simon Applebaum, Host of “Tomorrow Will Be Televised”

Simon Applebaum is the host and producer of the widely distributed podcast/Internet radio show, “Tomorrow Will Be Televised." He has been covering the interactive/advanced TV industry for over 30 years, and earlier this month was honored as an Agent Provocateur at TVOT NYC 2019 (note: Agent Provocateur is a role unique to The TV of Tomorrow Show; selected because of the significant work they have done to further the advanced-TV industry, TVOT Agents Provocateurs are panelists-without-portfolio, as it were, whose purpose is to catalyze discussion by asking informed questions from the floor and engaging in interesting conversations with attendees).

In this wide-ranging and lively conversation with ITVT Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, Applebaum reviews TVOT NYC 2019 and provides insights into the latest developments in the advanced-TV space.


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