Radio ITVT Mike Fitzsimmons on His New, AI-Powered Advertising Commerce Company

Last month, Connekt--a company which offers an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, "in-content," transactional advertising engine that allows viewers to interact with ads and content in real time and provides them with an instant path to purchase--emerged from stealth mode. The company, whose founders include Mike Fitzsimmons, former CEO of tcommerce pioneer, Delivery Agent, also announced partnerships with LG and Gracenote, among others. 

In this recorded interview with [itvt] Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, Fitzsimmons discusses the four main elements of the company's platform--CARL (AI that processes and analyzes TV viewership, engagement and commerce data in order to provide predictive targeting, ad delivery and measurement); FLX (an ad-delivery platform, that enables creation, optimization and management of "in-moment" campaigns from a centralized interface); Transakt (tcommerce technology, for which Connekt recently received a patent); and Datascope (reporting and analytics); explains how the company was formed and how it draws on Delivery Agent's tcommerce heritage; outlines its plans for the future; and more.