Radio ITVT: "Networks Embracing Digital Innovation" at TVOT SF 2018

ITVT is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2018 session, "Networks Embracing Digital Innovation." The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

"This session will explore the ways in which networks are embracing distribution of their programming on digital platforms, as well as using those platforms to supplement, enhance and market that programming. Panelists will address such questions as: Which digital platforms and media are they currently extending their brands to and why, and which ones are they eyeing going forward? What have they learned about how viewers are consuming their content on these platforms--which new platforms have proved themselves most effective and which least? How important is original digital programming to the networks' multiplatform strategies? How are they addressing issues of brand safety on social media and other new platforms? What new programming formats, and what kinds of interactive enhancements to their existing programming, have they been developing for new digital platforms? And what are the best practices that are emerging to guide the creation of these new forms of content and new relationships with the viewer?" Panelists included:
Sherry Brennan, SVP of Distribution, Fox NetworksJon Giegengack, Principal, Hub Entertainment Research (Moderator)Lisa Hsia, EVP of Digital, Bravo, Oxygen and Universal KidsMatt Kaplan, SVP of Digital Ad Sales, UnivisionJonathan Laor, CEO, ApplicasterSarah Rosen, Head of US Entertainment Partnerships, TwitterPuja Vohra, EVP of Marketing and Digital, TruTV

(Note: We will be announcing our next TV of Tomorrow Show event, TVOT SF 2019, shortly.)