Radio ITVT: T Time Discusses AI in Media with Iris.TV CEO

Field Garthwaite, CEO of IRIS.TV discuss how the company leverages data and AI to help companies optimize the performance of their video assets.

Chapter 1: About (1:30)

Field Garthwaite, CEO of, talks about how his company is a video personalization and programming platform. It is like a brain sitting atop a client’s infrastructure that closes the loop between video performance and provider optimization.

Chapter 2: How AI can help with processing the data (3:00)

Chapter 3: How to measure the performance of video assets (5:00)

Chapter 4: Driving revenue with multiple business models (8:30)

Chapter 5: On the balance between OnO and social platforms (11:30)

Chapter 6: Maximizing revenue by optimizing ad placement (14:50)

Chapter 7: On building optimal recommendations (24:00)

Chapter 8: Cool uses for AI in media (26:00)

Chapter 9: On boosting a TV show with bonus content (28:00)

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