Radio ITVT: "T Time" Discusses Bandersnatch’s Impact on Storytelling via Netflix

Netflix’ first interactive show Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has made quite a splash. It has already attracted a lawsuit. How did the story work, what was the experience like, and can the approach be used elsewhere?

In this episode of "T Time," Tracy Swedlow (Radio ITVT) and Colin Dixon (nScreenMedia) discuss Black Mirror: Bandersnatch with interactive TV expert Nick DeMartino.

Chapter 1: About Bandersnatch (1:45)

Chapter 2: Some completely new approaches by Bandersnatch creator (5:40)

Chapter 3: Limitations of the approach (9:20)

Chapter 4: Why the production was so costly (12:45)

Chapter 5: Was it a game in disguise? (13:30)

Chapter 6: Problems with the experience (15:00)

Chapter 7: Who is in control of the story? (16:00)

Chapter 8: Applicability of the approach to other stories (17:20)

Chapter 9: Inconsistent experience across viewing platforms (21:30)

Chapter 10: Chooseco Netflix lawsuit (23:00)

Chapter 11: Marketing opportunities in interactive storytelling (25:00)