Radio ITVT: "T Time" Interviews Marge Dean, Head of Studios, Crunchyroll Studios

A joint project between ITVT and nScreenMedia, "T Time" is hosted by ITVT's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, and nScreenMedia's Founder and Chief Analyst, Colin Dixon.

On "T Time" today...

How do you build a production studio to deliver content to passionate anime fans in direct-to-consumer services? Margaret Dean, Head of Crunchyroll Studios, tells us how staying true to the genre is key.

Chapter 1: Why join Crunchyroll now? (1:40)

Chapter 2: Producing content with and for a close community (5:30)

Chapter 3: How do you build a studio? (9:00)

Chapter 4: On returning to hand-drawn 2D animation (14:20)

Chapter 5: On diversity in production (20:00)