Radio [itvt]: "TV Advertising 2.0 Is Here: Is the Industry Ready?"

"TV Advertising 2.0 Is Here: Is the Industry Ready?" at TVOT NYC 2013

[itvt] is pleased to present an audio recording of the TVOT NYC 2013 session, "TV Advertising 2.0 Is Here: Is the Industry Ready?" The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

"This session will identify the most significant new technologies, platforms, business models and strategies currently disrupting the TV advertising space, and attempt to determine their potential long-term impacts on that space. Panelists will assess both how ready the established industry is to embrace these emerging phenomena, and how well the providers of new advertising technologies and platforms are catering to the real-world needs of that industry. Panelists will also explore how well technology innovators are evangelizing new advertising technologies to agencies and how effectively agencies in turn are educating brands about the benefits of those technologies. Phenomena to be explored include dynamic ad insertion, programmatic buying, real-time bidding, unified TV/digital buying, big data, targeting/addressability, cross-platform measurement, and more." Panelists included:
Matt Bayer, VP of Advanced TV, Magna GlobalJane Clarke, Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)Christophe Gillet, Head of Product, Programmatic TV, Adap.tvWalt Horstman, General Manager, AudienceXpressRick Mandler, VP of Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Digital Media Group (Moderator)Chris Pizzurro, Head of Product, Sales and Marketing, Canoe