T Time Discuss If the Time Is Right for Shoppable Video

The CEO of Clicktivated says that consumers are now used to clicking and touching, and that is why the market is ready for another try at shoppable video. Find out how his company plans to capitalize on the opportunity.

Chris Roebuck, Founder, and CEO of Clicktivated joined us this week to discuss how his company is making it easier than ever to enable interactive features in any video.

A full transcript of the interview is available for a nominal fee.

Chapter 1: What is Clicktivated (1:00)

“Clicktivated helps transform a video…so that the viewer can click or touch anything they see.”

Chapter 2: Why Clicktivated and why now? (2:00)

Mr. Roebuck discusses where the idea for Clicktivated came from, and the market needs that it serves. He also talks about the influence of previous interactive efforts on the company.

Chapter 3: What was missing in the market before? (5:10)

Mr. Roebuck enumerates several things that are present in the market today that suggest now is a great time to try interactivity again. “It takes a long time for consumers to become used to something, conditioned to doing something.”

Chapter 4: The company’s technology (6:30)

AI and machine learning are helping Clicktivated identify what’s going on in the video. The company has also come up with some novel, unobtrusive approaches to displaying interactive elements on the screen. Bookmarks are an essential part of the innovation that the company is providing.

Chapter 5: Clicktivated partners and clients (10:50)

Mr. Roebuck talks about some of the big-name ad clients with which Clicktivated is working. They include household names that everyone would recognize.
“Helping remove the friction of search and putting them in front of anything they are interested in at the moment of inspiration.”

Chapter 6: What interactive approaches drive more engagement (15:00)

“When you don’t force too much information on the consumer, they react positively.”

Chapter 7: Placement of the call-to-action and data (17:45)

Mr. Roebuck discusses the best places for the on-screen call-to-action widget. He also talks about how important the extra data on viewers is that Clicktivated generates.

Chapter 8: How long it takes to add the interactivity (22:50)

“The real magic is in the technology that we’ve created in terms of automatically identifying what products are specifically, down to individual brand and skew.”

Chapter 9: Who is the target for the Clicktivated solution (25:30)

Tracy asked if the technology is primarily for B-to-B companies, or can creators and influencers use it too?

Chapter 10: Interactivity’s impact (28:20)

One of the challenges of our industry is a lack of precision around terms we use to define performance. Mr. Roebuck wisely takes timespends time to define what engagement means to Clicktivated. He then gives actual engagement lift figures.

Chapter 11: Clicktivated’s monetization and funding status (30:00)

How clicktivate makes money? What is the funding status of the company?

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