Televisionation: Bally’s Adi Dhandhania on Interactivity and Sports Betting

ITVT/TVOT is pleased to present a new episode of “Televisionation,” our video/audio podcast exploring the advanced/interactive-TV industry.

This episode features Adi Dhandhania, SVP of Strategy and Interactive at Bally’s, the casino and betting giant that recently purchased pioneering second-screen interactive-TV company, Telescope, as part of a build-out of its sports-betting offerings. Among other things, he explains the strategy behind the acquisition and why interactivity is so important to Bally’s; outlines how Telescope’s technology and expertise will be integrated into Bally’s regional sports networks; discusses the outlook for sports betting in general; shares his thoughts on ATSC 3.0, connected TV, data-generation and other areas of advanced TV; and casts light on how Bally’s plans to innovate going forward.