Televisionation: Butler and Gabel on Branded Entertainment Network’s (BEN) Acquisition of TubeBuddy - ITVT/TVOT is pleased to present a new episode of “Televisionation,” our video/audio podcast exploring the advanced/interactive-TV industry in the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Era and beyond.

This episode features Ricky Ray Butler, CEO of BEN and Rob Gabel, EVP and General Manager of TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy, which provides a platform for YouTube channel management and audience development, was recently acquired by BEN, an AI-powered influencer marketing company, and is now a division of the latter.

Among other things, Butler and Gabel outline the strategy behind the acquisition; describe the role TubeBuddy, and the various tools it has developed, will play within BEN; explain how the acquisition relates to broader trends in the social-video influencer space; and more.