Televisionation Friday Fireside: Cinedigm President, Erick Opeka

Televisionation: Friday Fireside features Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor, in conversation with prominent figures from the advanced-TV/video industry.

Find out what’s happening at Cinedigm with this week’s Friday Fireside guest, Cinedigm President, Erick Opeka. Cinedigm yesterday reported net income of $5.0 million: total revenues of $15 million, up 149% year-over-year; streaming revenues up 181% year-over-year; ad-supported streaming channel revenues up 301% year-over-year; subscription streaming channel revenues up 88% year-over-year. Erick gives us a detailed look at how Cinedigm generated net income of $5.0 million, versus net loss of $19.9 million in the prior-year quarter.