Televisionation: Future Today’s Vikrant Mathur on Kids-and-Family AVOD and FAST

ITVT/TVOT is pleased to present a new episode of “Televisionation,” our video/audio podcast exploring the advanced/interactive-TV industry in the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Era and beyond.

This episode features Vikrant Mathur, Co-Founder of Future Today, a prominent player in the kids-and-family AVOD and FAST space. The company, which operates over 700 channels and holds rights to over 200,000 titles, is best known for its HappyKids OTT network, which it says has seen year-over-year user and watch-time growth of over 150% during 2020. Last September, it launched HappyKids, as well as its and The LEGO channels, on Roku.