Televisionation: Joanna Drews and Mike Bologna on their New Measurement Company, HyphaMetrics - ITVT/TVOT is pleased to present a new episode of “Televisionation,” our video/audio podcast exploring the advanced/interactive-TV industry in the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Era and beyond.

This episode features Joanna Drews, Co-Founder and CEO, and Mike Bologna, President and CRO, of HyphaMetrics, a cross-platform measurement company that will employ a proprietary panel of 5,000 households, and offer clients what it describes as “a suite of data streams providing media viewing behavior figures at their most granular level that are both neutral and autonomous.” Among other things, they explain why HyphaMetrics was founded and the measurement needs it is designed to respond to; outline how the company’s panel system and other key elements of its offering work; discuss how its granular data could make addressable-TV more effective; and more.