Televisionation: Tony Mugavero, Co-Founder and CEO of Rad

ITVT/TVOT is pleased to present a new episode of “Televisionation,” our video/audio podcast exploring the advanced/interactive-TV industry in the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Era and beyond.

This episode features Tony Mugavero, Co-Founder and CEO of Rad (formerly Littlstar), a company that has developed an eponymous streaming app that offers free TV, premium esports, gaming, music, comedy, sports, live events, VR and more. The app, which is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, PSVR, Android TV, mobile and the Web, supports co-viewing and live chat, and allows users to curate their own playlists. Among other things, Mugavero discusses the business case for Rad, outlines the company’s plans for its future, and shares his thoughts on the streaming space in general.