Televisionation: Tubi’s Biz-Dev Chief, Andrea Clarke-Hall, in Conversation with the iTV Doctor - Televisionation: Friday Fireside features Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor, in conversation with prominent figures from the advanced-TV/video industry.

If you are in the streaming business, or considering a move to streaming, you need to watch our guest for this week’s Friday Fireside: Andrea Clarke-Hall, Head of Global Business Development at Tubi. Andrea takes us through a fascinating look at the early days of Tubi (she’s been at Tubi for about as long as Tubi has been Tubi), including the work they did to help content owners prepare their content for streaming distribution (this was WAAAAY back in 2015; just shows how quickly this industry is moving). Andrea also leads Tubi’s app distribution deals, including their deal with Comcast Xfinity, where Tubi was the third streaming app available on the cable service after Netflix and YouTube. We also discuss the acquisition of Tubi by Fox (which in the opinion of the good doctor puts Tubi in the same position with Fox as PlutoTV is with ViacomCBS).


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