Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (I): ABC, ActiveVideo, BrightLine, Adobe, Aereo, Alticast, BBC iPlayer, BBC Connected Red Button, Bimand, Charter, Zodiac, Brightcove, Unicorn Media

As most of you are probably aware, [itvt]'s daily news reporting was on hiatus for several weeks, because our editorial team was working on TVOT NYC 2013 and then taking a post-event break. In order to catch up with the news we missed during that period, we are covering stories in headlines/round-up format (note: we have marked older stories with the date they originally broke). We expect it will take us a few weeks to catch up with all recent developments, so if you have sent us a press release or briefed us about a piece of news, and don't yet see it covered here, please bear with us.

  • Report: ABC Decision to Implement 8-Day Delay in Availability of Episodes Online for non-Pay-TV and non-Hulu Plus Subscribers Results in 300% Increase in BitTorrent Downloads
  • ActiveVideo Launches CloudTV AdCast Interactive-TV Ad-Distribution Platform, Billed as "Enabl[ing] Ads Written Once in HTML5--Including Existing Web Ads--to Ubiquitously Provide Advertisers with a Consistency of Experience on Set-Top Boxes (STB's) and Connected Devices"
  • ActiveVideo in Strategic Advertising Partnership with BrightLine; Partnership, "Launch[ed] with Major Consumer Financial and Cosmetics Brands," Brings together ActiveVideo's CloudTV AdCast and BrightLine's Connected-TV Ad Products
  • BrightLine Unveils Suite of Interactive-TV Advertising Products for Connected-TV Platforms; Products Include Social Connectivity, Dynamic Content, Tcommerce, Real-Time Data, Real-Time Optimization (December 11th)
  • L'Oreal USA Taps BrightLine to Develop "OnBeauty" App for Roku (December 18th)
  • ActiveVideo's Gary Lauder, TiVo's Tom Rogers Welcome Possible Charter-Time Warner Cable Merger
  • Adobe Wins NATAS Technology and Engineering Emmy for Video Recommendations/Personalization Technology
  • TV-Placeshifting Company, Aereo, Closes $34 Million Series-C Funding Round
  • Aereo to Launch in Cincinnati January 21st
  • Supreme Court to Hear Broadcasters' Case against Aereo
  • Alticast Demo's RDK-Based HDMI Media Express Stick, New Version of its Windmill Guide, Remote Storage DVR, and More at CES
  • Tablet Viewing Overtakes Computer Viewing for First Time on BBC iPlayer
  • BBC Expands Connected Red Button Functionality to Samsung and Sony Smart TV's; Functionality Slated to Launch on LG Smart TV's Shortly
  • BBC Reveals Digital Coverage Plans for Sochi Winter Olympics
  • Bimand Demo's OnScreen Cloud Technology at CES; Billed as "a Cloud-Based TV Information System that Delivers Contextual Information about what the Viewer is Watching and [Allows] the Viewer to Interact with it through the TV Screen"
  • Charter Announces Cloud UI Test with ActiveVideo, Zodiac (November 5th)
  • Brightcove in $49 Million Stock and Cash Deal to Acquire Cloud-Based Video Ad-Insertion Technology Provider, Unicorn Media
  • Brightcove Licenses Rovi's DivX HEVC Solution; Will Support it within its Zencoder Cloud-Based Encoding Service
  • Brightcove Appoints Ex-Comcast Exec., Derek Harrar, to its Board
  • Brightcove Powers Streaming Video for NineMSN (November 6th), i24 News (November 6th) and AOL On Network (October 17th)
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