Saluting Scott Wallace!

A big Thank You--to Scott Wallace, the first person to purchase a ticket to The TV of Tomorrow Show 2014 (June 10th-11th in San Francisco). He bought his ticket February 5th almost immediately after we announced the show. Many of you are probably already familiar with Scott, not only due to his attendance at multiple TVOT shows in the past, but because of the infectious enthusiasm and passion for interactive and advanced TV that he brings to the shows. But in case you haven't yet met him, here's a little about Scott--and why he is such a loyal TVOT attendee--in his own words:

"I've been a loyal follower of [itvt] for more than a decade. The future is now...and the innovative developments being brought to reality by the organizations and individuals that participate at the TV of Tomorrow Show are nothing short of amazing! I've been attending regularly the past years and the friendships and business associations with folks I've met through TVOT are incredible. Tracy and Richard raise the bar at every event. After my first TVOT, I knew I'd found the perfect place to learn, share, and just have a great time with people I respect and genuinely enjoy.

Currently, I spend my time divided between a TV station in Phoenix, AZ and working on various pitch projects out of LA. It is my heartfelt desire to be affiliated with a company that is working to advance iTV/multiplatform, as my passion is to work with others that are shaping the dramatic media shift that is now occurring.

Telling the story in the most effective and engaging way. That's what it's all about and why I attend TVOT. These are MUST-attend events for me, and that's why I always anticipate the announcement of the next show and take advantage of the gracious early bird offer. If you're like me--a fan of [itvt]--you know you're going to attend the TV of Tomorrow Show. You may as well secure your spot early and get your plans in place."

Scott Wallace, marketing/business development

North America