Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up 3/24/14 (VII): Viaccess-Orca, Vimeo, Vonetize, Samsung, LG, Vubiquity, WSJ Live, mDialog, Roku, WeatherNation TV, Wyplay, Yahoo!, Viacom, YouTube, YuMe

Vimeo's Cameo Reactions

Because the [itvt] editorial team has been busy working on The TV of Tomorrow Show 2014 (June 10th-11th in San Francisco--purchase your tickets here!), we are covering stories in this issue in headlines/round-up format:

  • Viaccess-Orca Acquires Discretix Technologies' Secure Player Business; Secure Player Is Billed as a "Multiplatform Media Player, Available for Android and iOS Tablets and Smartphones, that Incorporates DRM for Premium VOD and Live Content"; Will Be Offered as Standalone Product and as Part of Viaccess-Orca's Connected Sentinel Content-Protection Solutions
  • Viacom, Turner, Discovery, Fox Team with Dutch Operator, KPN, to Test Delivery of Live TV via LTE
  • Vimeo Acquires Video-Creation App, Cameo
  • Smart-TV Apps and Content Company, Vonetize, Launches 4K Streaming Service for Samsung Smart TV's, Announces Plans to Integrate "4K-Quality Content" into its Existing Apps
  • Vonetize in Deal to Offer its Smart-TV Content Services on All LG Smart TV's and Blu-ray Players; Services Covered by Deal Include The Baby Channel, Planet Knowledge (Educational Content), The Bollywood Channel, Total Music, Mentors Channel (Self-Help) (February 4th)
  • Vonetize's Planet Knowledge Service Launches on Samsung Smart TV's, Tablets and Smartphones in UK and Ireland; Service Was Created in Collaboration with VOD365 (February 3rd)
  • Vonetize Launches The Baby Channel on Samsung Smart TV's (December 19th)
  • Vubiquity-Commissioned Study Finds that TV Shows Are Most Frequently Viewed Video Content on Alternate Screens for 18- to 34-Year-Olds, and UGC for 13- to 17-Year-Olds
  • Lawsuit Claims Wall Street Journal's WSJ Live App Violates Consumers' Privacy: "Unbeknownst to its Users...Each Time they View Video Clips or News Reports, the WSJ Channel Sends a Record of such Activities to an Unrelated Third-Party Data Analytics and Video Advertising Company Called mDialog. The Complete Record Is Sent Each Time that a User Views a Video Clip or News Report, along with the Serial Number Associated with the User's Roku Device"
  • WeatherNation TV Officially Launches on Roku (Note: a Version of the App Has Been Available on Roku for Some Time): App Offers Live and On-Demand Streaming, Interactive Forecasts
  • Wyplay Says 50+ Companies Now Support its Frog by Wyplay Open-Source Middleware
  • Yahoo!'s Dawn Airey Praises Netflix's "House of Cards," Says Yahoo! Will Be Producing More Original Online Programming: "We Have to Do a Few More Emblematic Big Things that Really Stand Out"
  • Viacom Settles its $1 Billion Copyright-Infringement Lawsuit against YouTube; Companies "Look Forward to Working More Closely Together," according to Joint Statement
  • Reports: YouTube Has Created "Super Flagger" Program of 200 Users and Groups (Including--Controversially--Government Agencies and Law Enforcement), Tasked with Helping Company Remove Pornography, Hate Speech and "Extremist Material"
  • Report: YouTube Looking to Develop Children's Version of its Service
  • Report: Recording Industry Makes More Money from Fan-Made Mashups, Lip-Syncs and Tributes on YouTube than from Official Music Videos
  • YuMe Launches "Video Reach" Programmatic-Buying Solution; Billed as Enabling Advertisers to "Leverage the Efficiency, TV-Scale Reach and Accuracy of Programmatic Video Buying, with Two Distinct Advantages: First-Party Data Science-Powered Audience Targeting through SDK Integration, and Multiscreen Reach without the Use of Cookies"




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