Alticast demos TWC TV, Cox Trio, YouTube running on HDMI sticks

Alticast runs TWC TV, Cox Trio, YouTube on HDMI stick

By Steve Donohue, for [itvt]

LOS ANGELES – The Cable ShowAlticast ran a demo here last week that showed how major cable operators such as Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications could soon use HDMI sticks similar to Roku and Google Chromecast to offer subscribers access to both pay TV programming and online video.

The interactive TV developer said its Windmill software platform, which is compatible with Comcast’s RDK (reference design kit) software stack, could support multiple user interfaces on the same set-top or HDMI stick from both pay TV vendors such as Entropic and CE devices like Google Chromecast. 

Alticast’s demo included an Android version of Time Warner Cable’s TWC TV app. And it ran Cox’s Trio interactive program guide, which is based on HTML5, on the same device. Alticast showed how a cable subscriber could easily access app stores such as Google Play on a TV, and navigate online video content from YouTube and other over-the-top players.

South Korea-based Alticast hasn’t yet announced deployment deals with U.S. cable MSOs. But with Time Warner Cable, Cox and other operators deploying home video gateways from set-top vendors such as Arris and Cisco, its Windmill platform and HDMI sticks could be used to deliver interactive applications and cable programming to multiple TVs in a subscriber’s home. Alticast has also said that Windmill could deliver programming from cloud-based servers, and let subscribers watch video on mobile devices.

The Alticast demo also offered a glimpse at how cable operators could one day launch over-the-top pay TV services to subscribers outside their cable system footprints. With technology such as Windmill and the RDK platform, subscribers could eventually use the same device to navigate content from multiple online video providers and multiple pay TV distributors.