CNN Keynote and "From Server to Screen" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2014

[itvt] is pleased to announce that we have updated the TV of Tomorrow Show 2014 Schedule of Sessions with more details about 1) the Keynote/Q&A by Kenneth "KC" Estenson, SVP and General Manager of CNN Digital, and 2) the panel session, "From Server to Screen: 'Owned' S2S Ecosystems and their Impact on the Entertainment Business." We have also included this information below.

We will be announcing details of additional TVOT 2014 keynotes and panels throughout this week. Click here to purchase your TV of Tomorrow Show tickets!

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12:55-1:30PM, June 10th
Forum Room
Keynote/Q&A: Kenneth "KC" Estenson, SVP and General Manager of CNN Digital

In this keynote session, Kenneth "KC" Estenson, SVP and General Manager of CNN Digital, will talk about CNNx, CNN's next-generation TV Everywhere product, which is billed by the company as giving viewers "unprecedented control" over their TV news experience. Estenson will demo CNNx and discuss the possibilities for building interactive capability into television broadcasts on a large scale. He will also give a peek into what's next for CNNx and TV Everywhere at CNN. Following his presentation, Estenson will engage in a Q&A session with TVOT attendees.

4:30-5:20PM, June 10th
Screening Room
From Server to Screen: "Owned" S2S Ecosystems and their Impact on the Entertainment Business

This session will 1) outline how media/entertainment/publishing companies can now take control of their video distribution by setting up their own server-to-screen (S2S) media ecosystems; and 2) explore the potential consequences of this comparatively new development.

While the big, third-party S2S ecosystems (including those of Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft) have huge reach and obviously won't be going away anytime soon, setting up an S2S ecosystem of their own allows organizations to be more agile and to retain more revenue as business conditions change and technologies emerge. Regaining control over their media supply chain is especially important to these organizations as they are facing more competition, increased distribution complexity, and downward pressure on margins.

While options for creating and operating S2S ecosystems have historically been too expensive, incomplete and complex for most content creators and owners to handle, in the last 24 months "owned" (whether self-hosted, SaaS or PaaS) S2S ecosystems have not only become significantly less expensive to set up and operate, but they are also now enabling content owners to deploy multiple, concurrent business models, allowing them the flexibility to move where the puck is going.

In addition to exploring such issues as what an S2S ecosystem looks like today; why there's no true "end-to-end" solution (and why that's a good thing); and what are the key elements and pitfalls of setting up your own S2S ecosystem, this session will examine the ways in which S2S ecosystems are poised to have a dramatic impact on the way the media and entertainment business works. Panelists include:

  • Malachi Bierstein, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Saffron Digital
  • Martin Focazio, Managing Director, Strategic Services, EPAM (Moderator)
  • Hillary Henderson, Director of Product Management, Clearleap
  • Kelash Kumar, Group Product Manager, Adobe Primetime
  • Shaun Koiner, Chief Product Officer, Sporting News Media
  • Paul Marcum, Global Head of Digital Video, Bloomberg
  • Matt Smith, Chief Evangelist, Anvato


North America