TVOT Update: "Understanding Programmatic TV Ad Buying" and "Grand Finale" at The TV of Tomorrow Show 2014

[itvt] is pleased to announce that we have updated the TV of Tomorrow Show 2014 Schedule of Sessions with more details about the panel sessions, "Understanding Programmatic TV Ad Buying" and "TVOT 2014 Grand Finale." We have also included this information below.

We will be announcing details of additional TVOT 2014 keynotes and panels throughout this week.


10:25-11:20AM, June 11th
Screening Room
Understanding Programmatic TV Ad Buying

This session will offer an extensive exploration of programmatic TV-ad buying, in the midst of a year when the field has been widely predicted to explode. In addition to providing an overview of the major players, solutions and new developments shaping the space and a step-by-step account of how a programmatic TV buy works, panelists will examine such questions as: Is programmatic buying for TV real or just smoke-and-mirrors? What new efficiencies and opportunities will programmatic buying make possible? What does automation really look like? How can we assess the quality of the data that drives programmatic buying--is it truly trustworthy? How transparent is the programmatic buying process--and to what extent will players be willing to forego face-to-face interaction and cede control of ad-buying transactions to technology platforms? What are the likely ripple effects of programmatic buying for the TV advertising industry at large--which established practices and players will it benefit and which will it render obsolete? Did the recently concluded 2014 Upfronts help accelerate the development of the space? And in what ways can we expect programmatic TV ad-buying and the Big Data industry that underlies it to evolve going forward? Panelists include:

•    Dan Ackerman, SVP of Programmatic TV,
•    Eshwar Belani, VP of Strategy, RocketFuel
•    Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World
•    Christopher Monteferrante, VP of Media Sales, AT&T AdWorks
•    Steve Silvestri, VP of Television, Collective
•    Ashley Swartz, CEO, Furious Minds (Moderator)


5:10-6:00PM, June 11th
Forum Room
TVOT 2014 Grand Finale

TVOT 2014's closing plenary session will bring together prominent figures from the worlds of advanced TV and advertising for a provocative and engaging discussion about the future of TV. As befits its subject matter, the session will riff off the classic game show, "Jeopardy"--with panelists sparking debate as they raise "questions" to hypothetical future scenarios in the following game board categories: Viewing Behaviors, Content/Networks, Emerging Platforms and Advertising. Panelists include:

•    Sherry Brennan, SVP of Distribution Strategy and Development, Fox Networks
•    Pat Lafferty, CEO, BBH North America
•    Dawn Holliday-Mack, VP of Insights, FactoryMade
•    John Penney, Chief Strategy Officer, Starz
•    David Porter, Global Video Lead, Microsoft
•    John P. Roberts, SVP of Digital Media and Commercial Ventures, Endemol USA
•    Debby Ruth, VP of National Television and Video, Frank N. Magid Associates (Moderator)







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