Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up 7/28/14 (III): Beamly, Android TV, Brightcove, Rovio, CBS, Cisco, Civolution, SyncScreen, Tagvance, Xaxis, Talpa, Comcast, Lionsgate, TiVo, comScore

As most of you are probably aware, [itvt]'s news reporting was on hiatus for several weeks, because our editorial team was working on TVOT 2014 and then taking a post-event break. In order to catch up with the news we missed during that period, we are covering stories in headlines/round-up format (note: we have marked older stories with the date they originally broke). We expect it will take us a few weeks to catch up with all recent developments, so if you have sent us a press release or briefed us about a piece of news, and don't yet see it covered here, please bear with us.

  • Social-TV Platform, Beamly (Formerly zeebox), Announces Support for Android TV; Co-Founder Rose: "We've always Seen the Future as Being not about the First Screen or the Second Screen, but a Two-Way Connection between the Device in your Hand where you Browse and Interact with TV Shows, and the Big Screen where you Watch those Shows; the Arrival of the Android TV Platform Will Finally Make this Possible"
  • Beamly Launches "Beamly OnDemand" Chrome Extension, to Bring Social-TV Layer to Catch-Up Programming from BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD
  • Brightcove Offers Weak Guidance; Reveals Loss of Rovio Account, Departure of CFO
  • CEO Moonves: CBS Open to Licensing Content to Aereo
  • Reports: Cisco Set to Roll Out RDK-Enabled IP Video Client Device
  • Cisco Announces Plans to Virtualize and Cloud-Enable the Video-Processing Elements of its Videoscape Platform; also Enhances Videoscape AnyRes Coding Solution to Support 4K and HEVC (April 7th)
  • ACR Specialist, Civolution, and Second-Screen App Company, SyncScreen, Trumpet 15% Viewer Conversion for CBBC's "Gory Games" Play-Along App; App, which Is Designed to Accompany "Horrible Histories," Has Been Downloaded 100,000+ Times (More)
  • Civolution's SyncNow ACR Technology Powers Tagvance's Broadcast-Synchronized Second-Screen App for Popular Turkish TV Series
  • Civolution's SyncNow ACR Technology Powers Warner Bros. France's "My Warner" Second-Screen App for Linear TV, VOD, DVD and Blu-ray (June 25th)
  • Civolution, Brand Networks, Resolution Media Partner for TV-Synched Ads on Twitter; Claim Pilot Campaign Sees 250% Increase in Click-Through Rate (CTR) (June 16th)
  • Civolution Offers Live Contextual Ad Placement for World Cup Broadcasts, Allowing Advertisers to "Programmatically Place Digital Advertisements Simultaneously when Key Events Are Happening on TV" (May 19th)
  • Programmatic Advertising Company, Xaxis, Taps Civolution to Power New Xaxis Sync Offering, Billed as "the First Fully Programmatic Product to Allow Advertisers to Deliver Coordinated Ads on Viewers' Mobile Devices Simultaneously with Commercials Running on their Televisions" (April 22nd)
  • Civolution's SyncNow Technology Tapped to Power Second-Screen Experiences for Talpa's TV Formats (April 7th)
  • "Comcast Labs" Feature Allows X1 Users to Experiment with New Features
  • Comcast, Lionsgate Announce Partnership to Create "Uniquely Immersive Multiplatform Experiences for Digital Consumers"; Launch iOS App for Movie, "Divergent," Featuring 6 1/2 Hours of Bonus Features and Interactive Content, Including an "Authenticated Premium Experience" for Xfinity Customers who Purchase Movie through Xfinity On Demand Store; Premium Experience Features "Divergent" Scenes from Multiple Angles, 360-Degree Camera Views of Movie's Premiere, VR Audio Experience, Interactive Flipbooks
  • Comcast Customers Generate 13 Million World Cup "TV Everywhere" Live Streams
  • Comcast Rolls Out X1 Cloud DVR in Atlanta
  • FCC Filing Reveals that Comcast and TiVo Are Collaborating on Non-CableCARD Approach
  • US House of Representatives Votes to Let CableCARD Mandate Die
  • TiVo Confirms it Has Left the AllVid Alliance
  • TiVo Develops Method for Supporting Cable-Delivered Switched Digital Video without Using Tuning Adapters
  • Cable Operators, GCI and Midcontinent Launch Netflix on their TiVo Platforms (June)
  • comScore Releases June 2014 Online Video Rankings


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