Keynote Presentation by Alan Wurtzel, NBCUniversal's President of Research and Development, at TVOT NYC 2014

[itvt] is pleased to present a video recording of "Where Have the Viewers Gone?," the TVOT NYC 2014 keynote by Alan Wurtzel, President of Research and Media Development at NBCUniversal. The session was described in the show brochure as follows:

"Alan Wurtzel, President of Research and Media Development at NBCUniversal, will explain how television-viewing behavior is undergoing major--and often misunderstood--changes, and explore how TV measurement needs to be rethought in order to take these changes into account. Questions to be addressed include: What is the exact nature of these changes in viewing behavior--can they be summarized simply as viewers wanting all their programming on-demand ('I want to watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it') or are they in fact altogether more complex? Which demographic groups are driving these changes (hint: it's not just younger viewers)? How rapidly are these changes taking place? How significant a role are Netflix and other subscription VOD services playing in the evolution of viewing behavior? Is TV viewership in decline, as traditional measurement techniques suggest, or is it just migrating to new platforms? And, if the latter is the case, to which platforms is it migrating and how best to measure viewership on those platforms?"

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