TVOT Preview - Radio [itvt]: StoryTech's Brian Seth Hurst and Lori H. Schwartz on VR, Millennials and Plurals at TVOT 2015

Brian Seth Hurst and Lori H. Schwartz are co-founders of StoryTech, an agency dedicated to "informed collaboration between storytellers (including brands) and technology companies."

At TVOT 2015 in San Francisco next week (purchase your tickets here!), Schwartz will be moderating a panel that will explore how established media companies and brands are reinventing programming and advertising in order to reach Millennials and Plurals; while Hurst has organized, and will be moderating, the show's "Grand Finale" panel, "The Reality of Virtual Reality." (Note: Strawberries and champagne will be served during the Grand Finale panel; and StoryTech will be giving away an Oculus Samsung Gear VR via a raffle!)

In this recorded interview with [itvt] Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, Schwartz and Hurst discuss their work at StoryTech, and cast light on the issues they plan to explore in their respective panels.

Brian Seth Hurst and Lori H. Schwartz on Blog Talk Radio with Tracy Swedlow

Here's some more information on Hurst's and Schwartz's panels:

5:00-6:00PM, June 24th

Ventana Room

TVOT 2015 GRAND FINALE: The Reality of Virtual Reality

With the arrival of the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard; with the holiday season promising the Valve/HTC Vive powered by SteamVR, to be followed by Oculus Rift in Q1 2016 and Sony's Morpheus by Q2; and with FOVE, billed as "The World's First Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset," seeing a highly successful Kickstarter campaign--it seems that VR, after years in the lab, has finally arrived.

Yet, while development is fast-moving, challenges remain for the industry. Now that the tools are being refined, what about the artistry of immersive, forward-moving narrative, the convergence of game and story, the responsibility for the safety of the consumer, and the business models? How are the game developers and Hollywood studios responding, and what are the true opportunities presented in entertainment, journalism, education, tourism, medicine and more? This session will bring together leading creatives and other key figures from the Virtual Reality space to discuss the current state of, and future prospects for, this rapidly emerging medium. Panelists include:

  • Shannon Gans, CEO, New Deal Studios
  • Arthur van Hoff, Founder and CTO, Jaunt
  • Brian Seth Hurst, Managing Partner, StoryTech (Moderator)
  • David Marlett, Founder, Cinemersia
  • Robert Nashak, COO Survios
  • Helen Situ, Virtual Reality Evangelist, NextVR
  • Brent Young, President and Creative Director, Super 78 Studios



2:50-3:45PM, June 24th

Ventana Room

Millennials and Plurals: Established Media Players Embrace the Future

A recent research report* found, among other things, that Millennials and Plurals consider online video programming "more relatable" than traditional TV; prefer watching original online programming to network and broadcast TV programming that has been made available online; and are more likely to be influenced to make purchases by YouTube creators than by traditional TV and movie stars. This and other evidence appears to suggest that established media companies and brands that are looking to stay relevant to younger viewers may not just need to make a few adjustments to traditional programming formats and distribute their content on new platforms, but may be forced to fundamentally reinvent those formats and the advertising that supports them.

This session--which brings together representatives from established media companies and from a company that is seeking to help advertisers reach younger viewers through new kinds of branded entertainment, as well as a well-known futurist--will explore how these companies have been embracing the future and re-inventing programming and advertising to appeal to the rapidly evolving expectations of a new generation of viewers. Panelists will outline the lessons learned and the progress made to date, and cast light on the innovations we can expect from them going forward. Panelists include:

  • Zach Blume, Partner/Managing Director, Portal A
  • Sarah Malkin, VP and GM of Programming, Maker Studios
  • Ari Popper, Founder and CEO, SciFutures
  • Lori H. Schwartz, Managing Partner, StoryTech (Moderator)
  • Isaac Showman, Managing Director, Reuters TV




  • The Schedule of Sessions for TVOT 2015 can be found here.
  • Purchase your TVOT 2015 tickets here.

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