Interview: You.i's Matt Nelson on the Significance of Apple's New Apps-Driven TV Strategy

When he unveiled the new Apple TV last week--and revealed that it would for the first time support third-party applications--Apple CEO Tim Cook declared that "we believe the future of TV is apps."
One company that agrees strongly with Cook's prediction is Ottawa-based You.i, which has developed high-profile apps for Canadian OTT service shomi, Sony Crackle and Treehouse GO, among others, and which earlier this week announced that it had secured $15 million in a funding round led by Kayne Partners.
In this video interview with [itvt] Editor-in-Chief, Tracy Swedlow, You.i's Director of Marketing, Matthew Nelson, discusses the significance of Apple's new apps-driven TV strategy for You.i and explains why the company concurs with Tim Cook on apps' centrality to the future of TV.

A Manifesto for TV from You.i on Vimeo.

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