Announcing The Bridge at The TV of Tomorrow Show SF 2016

  • Special Track Will Be Curated by nScreenMedia, Sponsored by Verizon Digital Media Services, Inc.
[itvt] is pleased to announce The Bridge, a special TVOT SF 2016 track curated by industry-analyst firm, nScreenMedia, and sponsored by Verizon Digital Media Services, Inc.
Why is the special track called "The Bridge"? nScreenMedia founder and senior analyst, Colin Dixon, explains:
"The hallmarks of the television experience are quality and reliability, coupled with robust content-monetization models. As video emerges as the lingua franca of the connected society, the challenge is to bridge that same television experience to every screen a consumer may be using. That is what The Bridge at TVOT is dedicated to discussing. From live streaming to monetization, the speakers participating in The Bridge track will bring their extensive knowledge of the industry to bear on the most pressing issues facing that industry."
Topics covered will include:
  • The future of ottTV delivery.
  • How to deliver live events at scale.
  • The reinvention of the linear experience online.
  • What it means to deliver a quality experience on a smartphone.
  • What does the money stream look like online, and will people pay for quality?
  • The role of the interface in selling the service.
  • How to achieve quality delivery to all screens.
We will be announcing more details about the The Bridge at TVOT SF 2016--which will take place on Day 1 of the show (Tuesday, June 7th) and which will be offered to attendees at no additional charge--in the [itvt] newsletter shortly.
To ensure your participation in TVOT SF 2016 and The Bridge, purchase your tickets here.
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