The Tech Cat Show on [itvt]: Interview with Allison Dollar, CEO of the Interactive Television Alliance

[itvt] is pleased to announce that we will be regularly publishing episodes of "The Tech Cat Show," a weekly radio show hosted and produced by Lori Schwartz, a high-profile figure in the interactive/advanced-TV and advertising spaces, and a frequent speaker and moderator at The TV of Tomorrow Show.

Here's how Schwartz describes the show: 

"The Tech Cat show will give you the vital information that you need to stay ahead of the curve in technology as it relates to consumers and trends in marketing, entertainment and 'business to consumer' opportunities. You'll hear from leading experts in the media and content business as they talk with Lori and share meaningful advice on how to navigate. Every show delivers insights and 'nuggets' of information that you can take offline and activate on. Whether it's a piece of business advice, a Web site or app to check out or a must-attend trade show, Lori is the expert and authority in technology trends for all ancillary business opportunities."

In this episode of the show, Schwartz interviews another stalwart of the interactive-TV space (and frequent speaker and moderator at TVOT), Allison Dollar, Co-Founder and CEO of the Interactive Television Alliance, a trade association that includes leading corporations in advanced digital television and whose members span advertising, programming, technology and distribution. 


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