The Tech Cat Show on [itvt]: Interview with TVadSync Co-Founder, Pieter Oonk

[itvt] is pleased to present another episode of "The Tech Cat Show," the weekly radio show hosted and produced by interactive/advanced-TV and advertising stalwart, Lori Schwartz, who is also a frequent speaker and moderator at The TV of Tomorrow Show.

Here's Schwartz's description of the episode: 

"On this week's Tech Cat Show we get a little deeper into the startup life with Pieter Oonk. Pieter is the co-founder of TVadSync, a TV tech startup that focuses on placing contextual ads on second-screen devices through content recognition software: so while you're watching TV, relevant content will come up on your mobile device. It's very smart stuff and TVadSync has been selected for a number of startup competitions including NAB's Sprockit program and Unilever's Foundry. Both programs have put TVadSync, a Dublin based company, in front of major US corporations and brands to explore working together. Pieter will share with us the challenges and exciting aspects of building a global company as well as where the future of TV tech may go."

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