Radio [itvt]: Audiobook Excerpt: Seth Shapiro's TELEVISION: Chapter 11--Sarnoff vs. Paley

[itvt] is pleased to present the second in a series of excerpts from Seth Shapiro's new book, TELEVISION: Innovation, Disruption, and the World's Most Powerful Medium (Volume 1: The Broadcast Age and the Rise of the Network), read by Shapiro himself. To listen to the excerpt--from Chapter 11: Sarnoff vs. Paley--click above.

Shapiro, a high-profile figure in advanced-TV and new media circles, is a two-time Emmy winner, an adjunct professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts, a governor of the Television Academy, principal of New Amsterdam Media, and a frequent speaker at The TV of Tomorrow Show. 

TELEVISION chronicles the incredible evolution of television via the stories of over 50 innovators who challenged and redefined the medium, from David Sarnoff and William Paley to Lucille Ball and Johnny Carson, Grant Tinker and Mary Tyler Moore to John Kennedy and Norman Lear. According to Shapiro, these innovators' stories are a goldmine of lessons for modern-day entrepreneurs and professionals, because what has happened before will happen again. Shapiro argues that--despite the commonly held belief that the "disruption" of television is a new phenomenon--the medium has in fact been continually disrupted since it began, in a century-long battle between economic, technological and cultural forces.

Among the many questions Shapiro answers in TELEVISION:

  • How did an impoverished immigrant become the king of all media, creating the first radio network and the first TV network? 
  • What caused the inventor of FM radio to jump out of a window to his death?
  • How did NBC, CBS and ABC innovate to build their media monopolies? 
  • How did Star Trek create the first fan culture movement? 
  • What made The Mary Tyler Moore Show the first great feminist show, and #1 hit?
  • What made Norman Lear the most influential TV comedy producer ever? 
  • How did Lucille Ball go from a washed-up B movie actress to a multi-millionaire Hollywood studio mogul? 
  • What makes Louis C.K. the Jackie Gleason of the digital age? 

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