Workshop: "Writing and Producing for VR," September 24th in Beverly Hills

[itvt] is pleased to let our readers know that Evette Vargas (Principal, Digital-Reign), and Robinne Burrell (Chief Product Officer, Redflight Mobile)--two high-profile figures in the emerging virtual reality space who also happen to be good friends of TVOT--are producing a one-day intensive workshop in Beverly Hills on September 24th, entitled "Writing and Producing for VR."

We expect this will be a great event: in addition to Vargas and Burrell, the workshop will feature other prominent VR storytellers, including Ross Berger (Oculus), Benjamin Denes Hoyt (Inhance Digital), Ryan Bell (VRScount) and Adam Dubov (Zeality). 

Space is limited, so register early!

Register here:
Date: Saturday, September 24th, from 8:30am to 6:30pm
Where: Arrow Nine, 8666 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills CA

Here's the official announcement of the workshop:


Writers and producers from Oculus, Digital Reign, Redflight Mobile Innovation, Zeality, VR Scout and Inhance Digital are hosting a one-day intensive workshop for content creators in Beverly Hills, California Saturday September 24th.

The workshop, which will be held at Arrow Nine, a start-up venture firm for seed stage companies, will offer participants an in-depth education on the art of writing virtual reality narratives and the production and distribution process of the platform. Participants will receive one-on-one access to top writers and producers in the space, with detailed how-to best practices on the art of 360 video and VR storytelling.

The workshop is geared towards writers, producers, content creators and game producers who are interested in obtaining a deep understanding on the process of creating memorable 360 and VR scripted content.

"The genesis of the workshop was a result of seeing how studios, brands and publishers are seeking unique narrative formats, providing an entirely new interpretation and expression for writers and content creators--permanently altering the way stories are told and shared," states Robinne Burrell, Chief Product Officer at Redflight Mobile responsible  for the acclaimed VR project The World Cup of Hip Hop: Take Back the Mic. "This has created a unique inflection point for original content, making virtual reality the next pivotal storytelling canvas."

The workshop will consist of seven session tracks: "The Fundamentals of 360 Video" and Writing for VR--An overview of 360 VR Storytelling Methodologies," "Breaking Down the Script for VR," "Producing for the Marketplace," "Connecting Traditional Hollywood Storytelling to VR," "Traditional Writers & Non-Traditional Formats: Writing for Oculus VR & Immersive Media," and "Getting Your Project Distributed--How to Monetize and Find an Audience." Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for companies wanting to sponsor attendees or for attendees' curricula vitae.

"We're very proud and excited to host a workshop with some of the most upper echelon executives and content creators in VR who are working on a daily basis on tomorrow's top immersive storytelling experiences," says Evette Vargas, Principal at Digital Reign and two-time Emmy recognized Producer for the Dark Prophet series on Amazon Prime. "Virtual reality is quickly becoming a gold-rush for content creators because there isn't a lot of quality content out there yet but there's an incredible amount of opportunity for those who want to master the art. That's why we're hosting this workshop--to help content creators and producers excel at immersive narratives and set the standard for the medium."



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