Announcing the Schedule of Sessions for TVOT NYC 2016

[itvt] is pleased to announce the schedule of sessions for TVOT NYC 2016, our seventh annual East Coast TV of Tomorrow Show event (Thursday, December 8th, at the SVA Theatre, 333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011).

TVOT NYC 2016 will pack all the excitement of our flagship TV of Tomorrow Show into an intensive, highly focused, dialog-driven, one-day event called an “Intensive.” It also represents your last best chance to network and do business with your industry peers before the holiday break!

Tickets to the event (priced at $1,075) are still available for purchase here. We advise purchasing your tickets as soon as possible (tickets will be priced at $1,275 at the door).

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Please note that:

  • The official Twitter hashtag of the show is #TVOTNYC, and the official Twitter account is @TVOTshow.
  • We will be announcing more details about a number of TVOT NYC 2016 keynotes, panels and presentations in upcoming issues of the [itvt] newsletter.

Silas Theatre and the Lobby
Registration, Breakfast, Schmoozing and Networking

Silas Theatre
Welcoming Address by Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief of [itvt]

Silas Theatre
eSports and Advertising

A number of developments over the past year point to increasing interest in eSports as a vehicle for advertising. They include the establishment of an in-house eSports advertising agency by MCN Machinima, and the launch of the eSports Ad Bureau, an industry organization backed by such prominent players as Turner, Twitch, Major League Gaming, The Madison Square Garden Company, Canoe, and Magid Advisors.

This session--which brings together representatives of the eSports Ad Bureau and other prominent players driving the emergence of eSports as an advertising medium--will explore the potential of this new market, share lessons learned from implementations of eSports advertising to date, discuss strategies for educating the market about the potential of eSports advertising, and debate the ways in which advertising creative and campaigns need to be re-conceived in order to take into account the unique demographics and viewing behaviors of the eSports audience. Panelists include:

  • David Beck, Co-Founder, BRaVe Ventures (Moderator)
  • Josh Cella, Head of Sales, Activision Blizzard
  • Seth Ladetsky, SVP of Sales, Turner Sports
  • Stuart Lipson, Executive Director, eSports Ad Bureau
  • Andy Swanson, VP/eSports Evangelist, Twitch

Beatrice Theatre
Battle of the Century: Apps vs. TV Everywhere

In a recent essay, industry analyst Alan Wolk argues that, as television moves online, a "Battle of the Century" is underway between two competing scenarios for the future of the TV interface and user experience: a scenario in which TV is "an app-based universe of the sort found on Apple TV" versus a scenario he describes as a "TV Everywhere-type universe, owned and operated by the MVPD's" (although it goes without saying that apps will play a central role in the latter scenario too). 

The first scenario envisions a TV universe dominated by subscription-based standalone apps from networks and other content providers, with device manufacturers playing an increasingly important role in enabling viewers to discover content (and also potentially combining apps into bundles of their own); the second scenario envisions MVPD's leveraging their existing advantages of "a built-in user base that doesn't have to spend any extra money to get the apps, a built-in [marketing] system…and inertia, a powerful force where consumers and television are concerned." The scenario also sees the MVPD's employing two "secret weapons": 1) their ability to "contract with Netflix et al. to bring the streaming services to their set-top boxes," and thus "eliminate the need for an additional device"; and 2) the fact that "they own the Internet--or at least access to broadband" and can therefore "easily jack up the price of a broadband-only subscription, adding on bandwidth caps, giving discounts for double- and triple-play packages and otherwise making it really, really expensive for users to go the app route."

This session will bring together a panel of veterans of the "Battle of the Century" for a lively debate over these competing scenarios for the TV of Tomorrow. Panelists include

  • Jonathan Dakss, Chief Digital Officer, Epix
  • David Gandler, CEO, FuboTV
  • Virginia Juliano, CEO, Cobblecord
  • Charlie Nooney, CEO, MobiTV
  • Perry Weinstein, GM, North America, Accedo
  • Alan Wolk, Senior Advisor, MediaLink (Moderator)

Silas Theatre
Advanced-Advertising Keynote Fireside (I)

We will be announcing more details about this keynote fireside in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter. Participants include: 

  • Laura Molen, EVP of the Lifestyle Advertising Sales Group, NBCUniversal
  • Additional panelist TBA

Silas Theatre
Social-Video Keynote Fireside

We will be announcing more details about this keynote fireside in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter. Participants include: 

  • Ron Lamprecht, EVP of Business Development and Digital Distribution, NBCUniversal

Beatrice Theatre

While new digital technologies and concomitant changes in viewer habits and expectations continue to present them with multiple challenges, broadcasters and networks have so far weathered the digital storm, with the television industry enjoying a flowering of creativity that has been widely hailed as "the second golden age of TV," and with total US TV ad spend expected to increase to $71.29 billion in 2016, according to a recent forecast from eMarketer. 

However, that same forecast calls for digital to overtake TV ad spend for the first time this year; Netflix and Amazon are investing billions of dollars in original programming (which, significantly, does not require monetization via advertising); powerful telecommunications companies are in the process of entering the content business via blockbuster acquisitions (Verizon-AOL-Yahoo, AT&T-Time Warner, etc.); publishers and other content providers with origins outside the TV industry are launching myriad new programming offerings on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other social-video platforms; and those platforms continue to lower the bar for entry into the programming business--among other things by enabling anyone with a smartphone to become a broadcaster in their own right.

This panel will identify the most significant recent developments impacting broadcast and network television, and attempt to predict how those developments will play out over the coming months and years. Panelists include:

  • Josh Chasin, Chief Research Officer, comScore
  • Dan Creekmore, Group Director, Facebook
  • Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director, Digital, Nielsen
  • Lung Huang, Head of Strategic Partnerships, 84.51° (Moderator)
  • Jonathan Steuer, Chief Research Officer, Omnicom Media Group

Silas Theatre
Advanced-Advertising Keynote Fireside (II)

We will be announcing more details about this keynote fireside in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter. Participants include: 

  • Maria Mandel Dunsche, VP/Head of Marketing, AT&T AdWorks
  • Scott Ferber, CEO, Videology

Beatrice Theatre
Design Fireside

We will be announcing more details about this fireside in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter. Participants include: 

  • Fabian Birgfeld, Founder and Director, W12 Studios
  • Dewey Reid, VP/Executive Creative Director, CNN
  • Additional panelists TBA

Schmoozing and Networking Break

Silas Theatre
Roundtable on the Future of TV and Video Advertising

We will be announcing more details about this panel in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter. Panelists include: 

  • Mike Bloxham, SVP of National Television and Video, Frank N. Magid Associates 
  • Ashish Chordia, CEO, Alphonso
  • Sandy Grushow, CEO, Phase 2 Media
  • Seth Haberman, CEO, Visible World (Moderator)
  • Tracey Scheppach, CEO, Matter More Media
  • Ashley Swartz, CEO, Furious Corp.
  • Zane Vella, CEO, Watchwith

Beatrice Theatre
Fixing Video Quality Before It Harms Your Brand 

Delivering a quality experience is critical to keep people engaged in your online video service. Get things wrong and you can quickly lose your customers, and even do long-term damage to your brand. So, how can you deliver an experience appropriate to the quality of your content? 

This panel of experts will discuss what you need to know to ensure your distribution partners are delivering your content with great quality. Topics to be covered in the discussion include: What parameters you should be watching to prevent problems impacting your viewers' experience; why live video is so much harder to deliver with quality; the impact of the encoder on quality; why poor quality can be so damaging to your brand; and how distribution partners can help you increase engagement. Panelists include:

  • John Bishop, CTO, Media Business, Akamai
  • Colin Dixon, Principal, nScreenMedia (Moderator)
  • Michael Dale, VP of Engineering, Ellation
  • Reza Rassool, CTO, RealNetworks
  • Marty Roberts, CEO, Wicket Labs

Silas Theatre
Advanced-Advertising Keynote Presentation by ABC

We will be announcing more details about this keynote presentation in an upcoming issue of the [itvt] newsletter. Presenters include:

  • Rick Mandler, VP of Strategy and Digital Media Advertising, Disney/ABC Television Group
  • Pooja Midha, SVP of Digital Ad Sales and Operations, Disney/ABC Television Group

Silas Theatre
Delivering on the Promise of Addressable TV

Addressable TV advertising appears to have a ways to go before it realizes its full potential: while Starcom MediaVest estimates that 49.8 million US TV households are already reachable by addressable ads, a recent study by eMarketer found that only 1.3% of TV ad spending currently goes to addressable placements. 

This session will bring together representatives from agencies, data providers, technology companies and other players that are driving the adoption of addressable TV advertising, in order to share lessons learned to date and identify the conditions that need to be in place--and the work that still needs to be done--before it can fulfill its promise. Questions to be addressed include: How will developments such as the proposed AT&T-Time Warner Merger and the ongoing transition of TV to IP impact the uptake and the efficacy of addressable TV advertising? What kinds of audience data are now at marketers' disposal and how accurate and useful are they? What kinds of addressable campaigns (e.g. those that target consumers on the basis of their loyalty to a brand vs. those that target them on the basis of their interest in a product category) are proving most successful? How big a hindrance to the implementation of addressable TV and dynamic ad insertion are established business practices and legacy technology infrastructure? And what standards and metrics need to be developed and applied in order to assess the success of addressable TV ad campaigns? Panelists include:

  • Jeremy Helfand, VP of Video Solutions, Adobe
  • Cathy Hetzel, Executive Vice President, comScore
  • Helen Katz, SVP/Director of Research, Publicis Groupe Media
  • Chris Pizzurro, Head of Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Canoe (Moderator)

Beatrice Theatre
OTT Technology Question Time

This highly interactive session will enable attendees to pose their questions about the present state--and the future--of the OTT/multiplatform TV delivery and monetization infrastructure to a "brain trust," drawn from the companies whose technologies are powering that infrastructure. The goal of the session will be to give content creators, aggregators, distributors and other interested parties a clearer understanding of the technological issues they need to be aware of as TV becomes an increasingly multiplatform medium.

Topics likely to be addressed include the challenges that are still facing the OTT/multiplatform TV infrastructure and what is being done to address them; technological innovations we can expect to see in the not-too-distant future; and the new business models and forms of creativity that these innovations could enable. Panelists include:

  • Mark Christie, CTO, Piksel
  • James Field, Product Manager, Cloud Apps and Solutions, Cisco
  • Tim MacGregor, Head of Customer Success, IBM Cloud Video
  • Debby Ruth, SVP, Frank Magid & Associates (Moderator)
  • Additional panelists from IBM Cloud Video Services and Switch Media TBA

Lunch, Sponsored by IBM Cloud Video Services

Silas Theatre
Taking Measure of Viewing Measurement

This session will bring together representatives of some of the leading companies driving innovation in the measurement and analysis of TV and video viewing, in order to identify the most significant recent and pending developments in the field, outline ongoing challenges, and predict how new measurement and analytics technologies and methods will impact TV advertising--and the business of television in general--going forward.

Topics to be addressed include: What is the potential--and what are the limitations--of set-top box data? How important is the emergence of ACR-powered smart-TV measurement? What are the best practices for relating TV viewing to other forms of consumer data? Is there a need for more standardization and consistency in measuring viewing across platforms (note that there are almost as many different definitions of an online "video view" as there are different online video platforms) and, if so, is there a risk that standardized metrics will overlook the unique features of video viewing on each platform? What are the implications of the ongoing proliferation of video metrics? How are measurement specialists responding to such changes in consumer behavior as increased viewing of streaming video on the living-room TV set? And how are new forms of measurement and data impacting not only the advertising marketplace but programming decisions? Panelists include:

  • Charles Buchwalter, CEO, Symphony Advanced Media
  • Jonathan Farb, Chief Product Officer, ListenFirst Media
  • Joan FitzGerald, VP of Product Management and Business Development, TiVo
  • Andy Monfried, CEO, Lotame
  • Sean Muller, CEO,
  • Jim Spaeth, Partner, Sequent Partners (Moderator)
  • Andre Swanston, CEO, Tru Optik

Beatrice Theatre
Striking the Right Balance: New Subscription Models and New Advertising Experiences 

Consumers are flocking to new platforms with SVOD services and ad-avoidance capabilities, so that they can watch what they want, when they want--with the added benefit or few or no commercials. But advertising is a key component of the industry's value chain: so what are media companies doing to strike the right balance between content and advertising, in order to retain and grow viewership of their ad-supported content? 

This session will allow attendees to hear from industry leaders who are innovating with new business models, reduced ad loads, and more engaging and consumer-friendly marketing techniques such as branded content and interactive advertising, so that they can learn first-hand what's working, what's not and what's next. Panelists include:

  • Meredith Brace, SVP of Digital Ad Sales, Fox Networks Group
  • Jason Flick, CEO, You.i
  • Malia Moran, Managing Partner, Next Media Partners (Moderator)
  • Peter Olsen, EVP of National Ad Sales, A+E Networks
  • Scott Rosenberg, VP of Advertising and Audience Development, Roku
  • Ben Williams, Head of Communications and Operations, Eyeo (Adblock Plus)

Silas Theatre
Programmatic TV: Clearing a Path to Growth

According to a recent forecast by eMarketer, while programmatic TV (PTV) currently accounts for just 1% of total US TV ad spending, it will make up 6% just two years from now. This session, which brings together prominent agency representatives and executives from some of the leading companies driving the development of programmatic TV, will share their views on PTV's likely roadmap over the coming months and years, identifying both the challenges that need to be overcome in order for it to achieve significant growth and recent and ongoing developments that could help its rise. 

Questions to be addressed include: How can the industry counteract the various issues that are commonly cited as roadblocks to the growth of programmatic TV, including networks' fears that it will commoditize inventory and drive down prices, lack of data standardization, and the inertia engendered by entrenched business practices and legacy infrastructure? How might recent developments such as the proposed AT&T-Time Warner merger, as well as the ongoing convergence of TV and online video, accelerate the adoption of programmatic TV? Which industry players stand to gain or lose most from programmatic TV? And how best to educate the market about PTV's potential? Panelists include:

  • Dan Ackerman, Chief Revenue Officer, Samba TV
  • Jonathan Bokor, SVP/Director of Advanced Media, MediaVest 
  • John Collins, Managing Director, Broadcast and ITV, Media Storm
  • Brendan Condon, CEO, AdMore
  • Tim Hanlon, CEO, The Vertere Group (Moderator)
  • James Shears, General Manager, Advanced TV, The Trade Desk

Beatrice Theatre
New Ways of Viewing, New Kinds of Content: Programming in the Era of Social Media and OTT 

This session will explore the new social and interactive programming formats, the new kinds of viewing experiences, and the changing relationships between creators and their audiences that are emerging--particularly among Millennials and Gen Z--as video content is increasingly viewed not only over-the-top, but on social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. 

In addition to identifying new content genres and viewing behaviors that have emerged natively on such platforms, and attempting to understand how fundamental a change in audience tastes, expectations and habits they represent, panelists will examine how established media companies are adapting their own content-creation, presentation, distribution and monetization strategies in response to these developments, and how new social-video programming formats and viewing behaviors are likely to impact the content and the business of television going forward. Panelists include:

  • Adam Duritza, Senior Director of Global Partnerships, Yahoo
  • Michael Gaston, CEO,
  • Sarah Malkin, VP of Programming, New Form Digital
  • Adam Ostrow, Chief Strategy Officer, Mashable
  • Nick Shore, Co-Founder and Creative Chief, Astronauts Wanted
  • Jim Spare, COO, Interlude
  • Tracy Swedlow, Editor-in-Chief, [itvt] (Moderator)

Silas Theatre
Maximizing the Value of Video Assets 

It's been noted that close to 95% of all the television programming owned by television networks is not currently available to viewers. Some of that hasn't been converted to digital; most of that hasn't had metadata files attached; and the vast majority doesn't have a reasonable business model in place. But with direct-to-consumer distribution available at a reasonable cost, without gatekeepers, there are a lot more options available. The trick is to mine those massive libraries to find the concepts and the shows that will generate immediate consumer viewing and purchase. And there are valuation considerations once we start opening those vaults. This session will answer the question "How do we make money with all this stuff?" Panelists include:

  • Sherry Brennan, SVP of Distribution, Fox Networks
  • Urs Cete, Managing Partner, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI)
  • Chris Falkner, SVP of Advanced TV, NBC Broadcasting
  • John Harran, SVP of Business Development, Digital Distribution and Strategic Partnerships, Turner
  • Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor (Moderator)
  • Sam Toles, Head of Global Content Partnerships and Distribution, Vimeo

Beatrice Theatre
Bottle Rocket Master Class: Case Studies--The Real Developers of Multi-Platform 

Bottle Rocket has developed multi-platform solutions for some of network and cable's biggest brands. This Master Class will cover the drama with real-life case studies and learnings including: 

  • Prioritizing your multi-platform solution--the battle between your budget, business models, and platform desires. 
  • Keeping up with constantly evolving requirements--when everyone wants something different from you.
  • Managing the hidden cost of being trendy. 
  • Identifying what makes you special--a platform-by-platform overview.

Presenters include:

  • Judy Johnson, Director of Product Management, AWE Powered by Bottle Rocket 
  • Peter Welpton, Business Development Executive, AWE Powered by Bottle Rocket 
  • Andy Dombroski, UI Specialist, AWE Powered by Bottle Rocket


Silas Theatre
Identifying and Managing the Organizational Challenges of Big Data Adoption 

The promise of big data for the media industry is deeper insights around what and how viewers watch. This, in turn, will change the way that the industry approaches audience, content, and monetization. But the shift to using big data solutions is challenged by the effective implementation of big data throughout the organization, the cost that it entails, and interpersonal tensions around the evolution of roles and responsibilities, including who gets credit for success. Come hear from a panel of experts talk about these challenges and best practices for implementing big data solutions to achieve success by transitioning to become a data-first organization, enabling greater access to big data, and empowering business leaders to derive insights from the data. Panelists include:

  • Justin Fromm, President, JF Advisory (Moderator)
  • Peter Naylor, SVP of Advertising Sales, Hulu
  • Howard Shimmel, Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting
  • Ashish Thusoo, CEO, Qubole
  • Andrea Zapata, VP of Global Research and Analytics, Vevo

Beatrice Theatre
The Rise of Branded Content and Influencer Marketing

It's no secret that branded content and influencer marketing are playing an increasingly important role in the social-video economy--and the past year has also seen several established television players--including, among others, Turner, A+E and "Saturday Night Live"--announce major branded-content initiatives. This session will bring together representatives of several companies at the forefront of branded content and influencer marketing, in order to identify the most important things that agencies, brands, creators and other interested parties need to know about this emerging space. 

Topics to be addressed include: What are the pros and cons of the various social-video platforms--and the various genres of social-video programming--for influencer marketing and branded content? What regulatory pitfalls does this new industry face? How exactly does a piece of branded video programming "go viral"? How to determine which influencer's public personality and audience demographics will prove most effective for marketing a specific brand? And how to ensure that branded content and influencer marketing--which are frequently targeted at sophisticated digital-native audiences--are engaging and entertaining, and not perceived by their targets simply as thinly disguised advertising? Panelists include:

  • Holden Berlin, SVP of Integrated Marketing and Program Development, Defy Media
  • Jon Giegengack, Principal, Hub Research (Moderator)
  • Jason Krebs, Head of Sales, Maker Studios
  • Matt Seiler, President, Marketing Solutions, Studio71
  • Tim Staples, CEO, Shareability
  • Ed Wise, Chief Revenue Officer, Mashable

Schmoozing and Networking Break

Silas Theatre
The Super Aggregator: Set-Top Boxes at Retail, New Navigation, and Universal Search

Following the debate surrounding the FCC's recent NPRM on set-top boxes, both MVPD's and CE manufacturers are looking to manage the preferred consumption device, and emerge as the super aggregator of traditional and OTT video. Universal search, data collection, content promotion, and advanced navigation features are the tools to be used which will determine a loss or gain of audience, and the formation of new daily consumption patterns. This session will feature a team of panelists who are directly affected by the evolutionary change in video consumption from the set-top box to fixed and mobile alternatives. Panelists include:

  • Gerard Kunkel, Managing Partner, Next Media Partners (Moderator)
  • Scott Levine, SVP of Product and Technology, Distribution, Univision
  • Malia Moran, Managing Partner, Next Media Partners
  • Christian O. Peterson, Director of Product Management, Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center
  • Richard Titus, SVP of Product Experience, Samsung
  • Panelist from TiVo TBA


Beatrice Theatre
The New Linear TV: Live Scheduled Programming on Social Media

The past few months have seen the emergence of a new category of linear TV: live, scheduled, professionally produced programming delivered and (co-)viewed via Twitter, Facebook and other social-media platforms. This session will bring together key companies and creators driving this phenomenon, as well as companies which have not only developed the infrastructure that makes it possible, but which also offer new technologies that promise to make watching live social video programming a highly interactive experience, quite different from other forms of video viewing.

Topics to be addressed include: What are the new programming genres emerging in the live social video space? How well are sports coverage, news reporting and other established live programming categories transitioning to this new medium? How should live social video programming be promoted to viewers and monetized--to what extent do we need new promotional strategies and new native advertising formats for this new medium? What considerations should the producers and distributors of live social programming take into account when deciding which platforms to work with? And what new technologies are being developed in order to facilitate the production and distribution--and enhance the viewing experience--of live, social programming? Panelists include:

  • Mario Armstrong, Host, The Never Settle Show/On-Air Contributor, NBC TODAY
  • Jason George, CEO, Telescope
  • Dana Golden, EVP of Business Development, Silver Chalice Ventures
  • Mike Kelley, President of the Americas, Grabyo
  • Ronald C. Pruett, Jr., CEO, Roker Media/Co-Founder, Roker Labs
  • Jesse Redniss, Co-Founder, BRaVe Ventures (Moderator)

Silas Theatre
Engagement through Immersion: Understanding the Potential of VR Advertising

A major new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) outlines both the significant potential of virtual reality (VR) as a medium for advertising and marketing, and the substantial challenges that must be overcome for this potential to be realized. This session brings together representatives from the IAB and several companies playing a key role in shaping the nascent field of VR advertising, in order to discuss why there is currently so much interest in the field, share lessons learned from deployments to date, identify the challenges still facing this new form of commercial communication, and outline the ways in which we should expect it to evolve going forward.

Questions to be addressed include: What advantages could VR offer over other forms of advertising--for example, the ability not only to engage viewers but to immerse them completely in a brand's messaging and to allow them to virtually experience a product? What is the potential of VR--and the myriad interactions it involves--to generate new, highly detailed, kinds of viewer data? How should marketing messages be presented--or perhaps, rather, experienced--in an environment where consumers are constantly changing their perspective and finding their own narrative paths? What is the roadmap to VR's establishment as a major advertising platform, in light of the fact that it is still very much a niche medium--for example, will 360-degree video, already quite widely deployed, provide a toehold for full-fledged VR advertising? And how do the various industry stakeholders need to work together in order to foster this new medium's growth? Panelists include:

  • Anna Bager, SVP and General Manager of Mobile and Video, IAB
  • Vince Cacace, CEO, Vertebrae
  • Brian Seth Hurst, Chief Storyteller, StoryTech Immersive (Moderator)
  • Alexander Rea, Creative Technology Officer, DDB

Beatrice Theatre
Is Cable Dead? How OTT and Virtual MVPD's are Reshaping TV Distribution 

With cable and satellite subscriptions down and cord-cutting on the rise, what happens next? 

Should the TV networks embrace virtual MVPD's and risk their existing business? Can traditional video-distribution business models survive, and has the balance of power changed in carriage agreements? Join this lively conversation about the changing needs of TV viewers and the challenges of evolving a multi-billion dollar business. Panelists include:

  • Sherry Brennan, SVP of Distribution, Fox Networks
  • Josh Clark, VP of Programming, Dish Network
  • Patrick Donoghue, CEO, Next Stop Willoughby (Moderator)
  • Ed Laczynski, CEO, Zype

Cocktail Reception, Sponsored by comScore

TVOT NYC 2016 Agents Provocateurs

Agent Provocateur is a role unique to The TV of Tomorrow Show. Selected because of the significant work they and their companies have done to further the advanced-TV industry, TVOT Agents Provocateurs are panelists-without-portfolio, as it were, whose purpose is to catalyze discussion by asking informed questions from the floor and engaging in interesting conversations with attendees. Agents Provocateurs for TVOT NYC 2016 include:

  • Simon Applebaum, Host "Tomorrow Will Be Televized"
  • Clayton Banks, Chief Digital Officer, Digital Harlem
  • Scott L. Brown, SVP of Engineering and Strategic Relations, Nielsen
  • Jordan Chariton, Reporter, The Young Turks
  • Nick DeMartino, Principal, Nick DeMartino Consulting
  • Allison Dollar, President, Interactive Television Alliance
  • Lisa Hsia, EVP of Digital, Bravo and Oxygen Media
  • Martin Focazio, Senior Director of Strategy and Business Consulting, EPAM Systems
  • Professor Al Lieberman, NYU Stern School of Business
  • Sanjay Macwan, Former CTO of NBCUniversal Media Labs
  • Euro Maestro, Periscope Star

North America