Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (I) 1/24/17: AccuWeather, AirTV, Technicolor, Akamai, Trump, Altice, Amazon, AOL, Apple, ATSC 3.0, BBC iPlayer, Brightcove, BroadbandTV, Bumble, C-SPAN

As most of you are probably aware, [itvt]'s news round-ups were on hiatus for a couple of months, because our editorial team was working on TVOT NYC 2016 and then taking a post-event break. We expect it will take us a few weeks to catch up with all recent developments (note: we have marked older stories with the date they originally broke), so if you have sent us a press release or briefed us about a piece of news, and don't yet see it covered here, please bear with us.

  • AccuWeather Launches App for Amazon Fire TV
  • AccuWeather Integrates Samsung Smart View Capabilities into its Android App, Allowing Users to View Weather Information on their Samsung Smart TV's
  • New Dish Network Subsidiary, AirTV, Offers Hybrid OTA/OTT Platform; Product Line-Up Consists of $99.99 4K Android TV-Based Streaming Device, $39.99 OTA Adapter ($129.99 for Both)
  • Technicolor Tapped to Build AirTV Player
  • AirTV Shipments Delayed due to "Overwhelming Consumer Response"
  • AirTV Ships--But Initially without Promised OTA Guide Integration
  • Trump Inauguration Sets Record for Live Video Streaming of News Event on Akamai
  • Altice Secures Social-TV Patent
  • Altice Study Finds that "Live Tune-In Holds Steady while Time-Shifted and DVR Viewing Rise"
  • Seiki, Westinghouse, Element Launch Amazon Fire TV-Powered 4K UHD Smart TV's; Devices Offer Alexa Voice Remotes, Integrated Access to OTA and OTT
  • Amazon Launches "Anime Strike" Curated SVOD Service as Part of its Amazon Channels Offering
  • Amazon Video Direct's "Film Festival Stars" Program Offers Sundance Festival Filmmakers $100,000 Bonus, Enhanced Royalty Rate in Exchange for Streaming Rights
  • AOL Launches "BUILD Studio" in NYC; Is Billed as "First-Ever Live Streaming Destination"; Is "Designed to Shoot in 360-Degree Video"
  • WSJ: Apple Looking to Build Original Programming Line-Up, for Distribution via its Apple Music Service
  • Apple Increases Size Limit for tvOS (Apple TV) Apps from 200MB to 4GB
  • ATSC 3.0 on Track to Launch in Spring 2017
  • Sinclair CEO: ATSC 3.0 "Future-Proofs Our Industry"
  • LG Unveils ATSC 3.0-Enabled 4K UHD TV's
  • BBC Director General, Tony Hall, Signals Plans to "Reinvent" iPlayer with AI, Voice Recognition, Personalization and Other New Technologies
  • BBC Launches "#SherlockLive" Interactive Mystery on Twitter
  • CRTV Taps Brightcove to Power its OTT SVOD Service
  • Brightcove in OTT/IPTV Partnership with Cloud-Based Service-Management Specialist, Evergent
  • Brightcove Research Finds that 74% of Consumers Link Social Video to Purchasing Decisions (November 15th)
  • Brightcove Launches "Brightcove Social" End-to-End Social Video Management and Distribution Solution (November 15th)
  • MCN BroadbandTV Expands Internationally via Launches in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt
  • BroadbandTV Secures YouTube Content-Management Deal with Univision Digital (October 18th)
  • BroadbandTV Launches VISO Catalyst for Chrome, a Real-Time Optimization Platform for its Creators that Includes Intelligent Keyword Recommendations, Title Optimizer, Thumbnail Editor (September 22nd)
  • Dating App Bumble's New BumbleVID Feature Will Let Users Create Video Stories; Videos Will Delete after 24 Hours
  • CSN Chicago to Offer Authenticated Streaming of Cubs and White Sox Games
  • C-SPAN Offers VR Coverage of Inauguration Preparation
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