Self-Driving Cars, Mobility-on-Demand, and the Future of Video at TVOT SF 2017

Nio Vision Car

[itvt] would like to draw our readers' attention to a panel that we expect will be one of the highlights of The TV of Tomorrow Show 2017. The panel has been organized by Arthur Orduna, a well-known figure in cable and advanced-TV circles, who is now Chief Innovation Officer at Avis Budget Group. Here's the description of the panel from the TVOT Schedule of Sessions:

4:45-5:40PM, June 28th (Wednesday)
Hawthorn Room
"Moving Pictures"--Speeding to the Intersection of Future Mobility and Video

Connected cars, smart cities, autonomous self-driving vehicles, mobility-on-demand....The global transportation and mobility industry is rapidly evolving, and the advent of disruptive new elements, such as connected and autonomous cars, is creating new opportunities for digital video content, advertising and services to be offered to a new interactive viewership market: the connected driver and the autonomous "rider."

This session will feature experts from the mobility and transportation industry who are helping to lead these revolutionary changes in the US and abroad. They include:



The official Twitter hashtag of the show is #TVOTSF, and the official Twitter account is @TVOTshow.

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