TVOT SF 2017 Keynote: Chef John, Host of Food Wishes

Eventbrite - The TV of Tomorrow Show San Francisco 2017 - 11th Anniversary!

[itvt] is pleased to announce that we have updated the TV of Tomorrow Show 2017 Schedule of Sessions with more details about the June 28th keynote by YouTube star, Chef John (John Mitzewich), Host of Food Wishes. We have also included this information below.

We will be announcing details of additional TVOT 2017 keynotes and firesides shortly.


9:30-10:00AM, June 29th (Thursday)
Cypress Room
Creator Keynote: Chef John of Food Wishes

With close to 3 million subscribers and nearly 400 million views, Chef John (John Mitzewich), host of the YouTube cooking-instruction channel, Food Wishes, is one of the most successful social-video chefs. His videos are distinguished by the simple practicality (and, of course, immense tastiness) of his recipes, by his witty commentary, and by the fact that only his hands appear on camera, "keeping," as he puts it, "the focus on the food." In this fireside keynote with Jay Holzer, Head of Global Production and Development at Tastemade, Chef John will discuss his contributions to the evolution of the online recipe-video genre, outline the indispensable role that interaction with his audience has played in the development of his unique style of programming, and share his thoughts on how the genre might evolve going forward.

North America