Spence Bovee - IMPG Governor Candidate

I am running for a position on the Board of Governors of the Television Academy and its Interactive Media Peer Group to further facilitate an even more active and robust group. If elected, I will establish a solid strategy for the following:

  • Maximize membership value through professional support, development & referrals, networking events and educational seminars
  • Increase diverse membership and foster new leadership
  • Extend communication amongst members and governors, facilitating the sharing of ideas, advancing group goals & initiatives
  • Expand group’s thought leadership and continue to help define new and innovative interactive content
  • Evolve awards system so that it’s carefully thought out every year, responsive and relevant to industry changes
  • Continue to lead and impact our fellow groups and industry-at-large, serving as a forum for education, advancement and networking

I am extremely grateful for endorsements from the following members: 

Allison Dollar, Beth Braen, Chris Kwon, Chris Thomes, Dave Andrews, Geoff Katz, Honey Berman, Lauren Cole, Noam Dromi, Rick Markovitz, Sallie Olmsted, Stephanie Piché, Steve Bradbury, and Vince Thompson.

If you are an active IMPG member, look for your ballot which was emailed out on Monday, October 23rd. The email will include my bio and position statement outlining my plans for the Governor’s role. If you have feedback on further improving the IMPG, please email me! Would love to hear from you.




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