ATSC 3.0 Super-Session at TVOT NYC 2017

TVOT NYC 2017 takes place less than 3 weeks from now, on December 7th (purchase your tickets here: In the meantime, we'll be highlighting a selection of the show's sessions and speakers in the [itvt] newsletter.

Today, we're focusing on the two-part ATSC 3.0 Super-Session, which will be moderated by Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor. Here's more information about the session and its participants:
Silas Theatre
ATSC 3.0 Super-Session
ATSC 3.0 looms large in the future of television, with the capability of delivering multichannel broadcast pay-TV and other services to virtually every home-based and mobile device without cables, satellites or wires of any kind. It's a massive undertaking that many of us are struggling to pin down. TVOT NYC 2017 will endeavor to further your understanding with this two-part Super-Session: Part 1 will focus on the consumer products and content that ATSC 3.0 will deliver; Part 2 will focus on how the ATSC 3.0 platforms and partnerships will be configured to make it all work. Panelists include:


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