Featured Session: Diginets at TVOT NYC 2017

TVOT NYC 2017 takes place just nine days from now on December 7th

Eventbrite - TV of Tomorrow Show New York City 2017

In the meantime, we'll be highlighting a selection of the show's sessions and speakers in the ITVT newsletter. Today, we're focusing on the session, "Diginets: Why It's Time to Take the Multicast Business Seriously," which will be moderated by Jon Lafayette of Broadcasting & Cable. Here's more information about the session and its participants:
Beatrice Theatre
Diginets: Why It's Time to Take the Multicast Business Seriously
This session will focus on the growing impact of digital/multicast networks on the landscape of TV advertising. A conservative estimate would be that digital multicast nets generate over $500 million in revenue, which will grow over the coming years as they expand their unique distribution ecosystem, build and grow their program and content offerings, and continue to siphon both viewers and revenue from more established program services and platforms. The panel will discuss and explore the ways these uniquely positioned channels are looking to grow their share of the viewership and advertising pie and are beginning to compete for general market dollars by offering advertisers different options and opportunities. Panelists include:
See you next week!
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