Featured Session: The Emerging OTT Ecosystem at TVOT NYC 2017

TVOT NYC 2017 takes place just nine days from now on December 7th

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In the meantime, we'll be highlighting a selection of the show's sessions and speakers in the [itvt] newsletter. Today, we're focusing on the session, "The Emerging OTT Ecosystem and Its Challenges," which will be moderated by Colin Dixon, Principal Analyst at nScreenMedia. Here's more information about the session and its participants:
Beatrice Theatre
The Emerging OTT Ecosystem and its Challenges
The number of people leaving the pay-TV fold increased to 1 million in the third quarter. During the same period subscribers to vMVPD services like SlingTV and DirecTV Now increased by almost the same number. Moreover, the number of homes that watch 50% or more of their TV from SVOD has reached 80 million by some estimates. This session seeks to map the contours of the emerging OTT ecosystem as operators and networks adjust to the new reality. It will explore how industry stakeholders are adopting new business and programming strategies to ensure that they survive and thrive in a cord-cut world. 
Topics to be discussed include: Are high churn-rates inevitable for vMVPD and SVOD services, and do the strategies used address the problem?; how major programming events (e.g. HBO's "Game of Thrones," Showtime's "Twin Peaks: The Return," CBS's "Star Trek," etc.) can be used to acquire and retain subscribers; sports-free "skinny bundles," and other vMVPD channel strategies; how many OTT services are too many?; do the launches of such services as FX+, AMC Premiere, and CBS All Access herald a fundamental shift to an a la carte model?; how can smaller SVOD services prosper in a space dominated by giants such as Netflix and Amazon?; and do vMVPD services compensate pay-TV providers for declines in their traditional subscriber base? Panelists include:
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