Announcing the TVOT NYC 2017 Innovation Keynote

ITVT is pleased to announce the TVOT NYC 2017 Innovation Keynote, which will be given by Jesse Redniss, Chief Innovation Officer of Turner Broadcasting's TBS and TNT.
Here's the listing for the TVOT NYC 2017 Innovation Keynote from the show agenda:
10:40-11:05AM, December 7th
Silas Theatre
Going Beyond the Box with Mobile + TV Synchronicity: An Exclusive Look at How TBS and TNT Utilize Data and Cutting-Edge Casting Tech to Reconnect the Living-Room Viewing Experience 
Today, more than ever, viewer engagement is fragmented across screens, but one constant remains: When presented with long-form video content, consumers opt for the largest screen available. Long-form content (greater than 20 minutes in length) represents the majority of time spent watching video across all screen sizes, at 63 percent. The average consumer spends 3x more time watching long-form video on a big screen than they do on mobile screens. Additionally, research shows that while more than 85% of the long-form entertainment consumed on mobile devices is watched within the home, the biggest challenge for content owners has been creating a frictionless consumer experience that bridges mobile content viewing with the biggest screens in the home. Until now…
Join TBS and TNT Chief Innovation Officer, Jesse Redniss, as he presents an in-depth case study on the networks' innovative solution that utilizes Vizbee Casting Technology to connect the viewer experience chasm of mobile discovery to television screens. With more than six months of learning and data that includes long-form dramas, comedy and even live events like baseball and the NBA, Redniss will provide insight into the adoption of this capability and discuss the ongoing evolution of consumer viewing habits and the impact of this evolution on the future of entertainment. Participants include:
Remember: TVOT NYC 2017 takes place just seven days from now on December 7th: 


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