TV Measurement Takes the Ball Back from Digital at TVOT NYC 2017

TVOT NYC 2017 takes place just six days from now on December 7th: 
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In the meantime, we'll be highlighting a selection of the show's sessions and speakers in the [itvt] newsletter. Today, we're focusing on the session, "How TV Measurement Is Ready to Take the Ball Back from Digital," which will be moderated by Alan Wolk, Lead Analyst at TV[R]EV. Here's more information about the session and its participants:
Silas Theatre
How TV Measurement Is Ready to Take the Ball Back from Digital 
This session will attempt to identify the most pressing issues currently facing the TV measurement space, and explore the new technologies, methodologies and industry initiatives that are emerging to address those issues. Topics to be discussed include: How to address the lack of measurement standards across the various platforms on which TV is now being consumed; efforts to make duration of viewing a key element of measurement for digital video; why Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data from smart TV's is disrupting traditional panel and set-top box-based TV measurement; the significance of Thor and other new initiatives that are emerging to relate ad viewership to purchase behavior; and the extent to which the measurement/data industry is adequately laying the groundwork for new data-driven adtech, such as AI-powered advertising. Panelists include:
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