"Beyond OTT: Delighting the Audience" and Turner Ad Sales Keynote at TVOT NYC 2017

ITVT is pleased to provide more details about two TVOT NYC 2017 sessions: 1) "Beyond OTT: Delighting the Audience!" brought to you by Axonista; and 2) a keynote presentation by Michael Strober, EVP of Client Strategy and Ad Innovation at Turner and Co-Head of Turner Ignite.
Here's the listing from the show agenda for "Beyond OTT: Delighting the Audience!":
Beatrice Theatre
Beyond OTT: Delighting the Audience! 
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The ability to create moments of delight is a key strength of any great storyteller. 
During the past few years, where the models of delivery and consumption of TV have gone through huge transformation, the challenge has been to reach, grow--and keep--audiences on an ever-changing array of platforms. 
For the most part, linear TV has been shoved into mobile and OTT without much thought of the capabilities of these new platforms, and delighting the audience has gotten lost in the mix. 
Our panel of experts are leaders in storytelling across all types of genres and formats, from interactive shopping to news to VR. They share a common vision to delight and engage their audiences, and have succeeded at providing something of value that people actually want to engage with. 
We will discuss and share lessons learned in developing OTT strategies, growing audiences and monetizing them, and discuss the key challenges in creating interactive and immersive viewing experiences. Panelists include:
Here's the listing from the show agenda for Michael Strober's keynote:
Silas Theatre
Keynote Presentation: Michael Strober, EVP of Client Strategy and Ad Innovation, Turner/Co-Head, Turner Ignite
The future of media and advertising will become what we imagine--and it will happen with unprecedented speed. We have the potential to realize exponentially better outcomes for consumers, advertisers and media companies by reimagining the purpose, form and measurement of advertising. Join Michael Strober, EVP of Client Strategy and Ad Innovation at Turner, for an exploration of our journey, and the things we can and should do now to transform the advertising value equation.
Remember: TVOT NYC 2017 takes place this Thursday, December 7th: 
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