TVOT: Fireside Chat with Tosca Musk, CEO of Passionflix, at TVOT SF 2018

ITVT is pleased to announce a fireside chat with Tosca Musk, CEO of Passionflix, at TVOT SF 2018.
Here's the listing for the session from the show agenda:
Wednesday - June 13th
Hawthorn Room
Fireside: Tosca Musk, CEO, Passionflix, in Conversation with Colin Dixon, Principal Analyst, nScreenMedia
What does it take to build an SVOD service from scratch? For many, it starts with a passion for the content coupled with a recognition of the opportunity. Such is the case for Passionflix, a new video service aiming to capture the attention of the millions of women who enjoy romance novels. A key strategy of the service is to create original movies based on popular novels in the genre, including "Hollywood Dirt" and the just-released "The Matchmaker's Playbook."
Tosca Musk is the power behind Passionflix, directing the movies and leading the company. In this candid conversation, she will give insights into the inner workings of a burgeoning video service. Topics to be discussed include: building a content library; finding and nurturing your audience; how much to charge for the service; discovery and the "barometer of naughtiness"; and combining business sense with social consciousness.
Remember: TVOT SF 2018 takes place just two weeks from now, on June 13th and 14th:

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