TVOT SF 2018: Thom Hartmann and David Bohrman on the Future of News, Political Discourse and TV

ITVT is pleased to announce a TVOT SF 2018 keynote fireside featuring two giants of the news business: David Bohrman, CEO of Political Voices Network (, and talk radio star, Thom Hartmann (
Here is the keynote's listing from the show agenda:
June 14th, Thursday
Hawthorn Room
Fireside: David Bohrman, CEO, Political Voices Network, in Conversation with Talk Radio Star, Thom Hartmann
David Bohrman, one of the most recognized names in television political journalism and an innovator during his decades leading news teams at ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Pseudo TV and Current TV, and Thom Hartmann, a leader in progressive talk radio who is a New York Times best-selling author of 25 books and a true Global Citizen, will have a wide-ranging and provocative fireside chat about the evolution of political discourse across media platforms--where it's been and where it's headed--and about their new venture, Political Voices Network. 
Among the questions they'll seek to address: Is the current political-media landscape healthy or unhealthy and why? What are legacy political news outlets doing wrong? And what are they doing right?  How do political news outlets build--or rebuild--trust with consumers? How will the "TV of Tomorrow" impact the way politics are disseminated and debated? Where and how might citizens seek and receive information about elected officials and political candidates in 5 years? 10 years? And can a new content service thrive in an arguably crowded marketplace? 
Remember: TVOT SF 2018 takes place on June 13th and 14th:
North America