TVOT SF 2018: AI-Powered Media Is Clearly the Future--But Is It the Present?

ITVT is pleased to announce the TVOT SF 2018 session, "AI-Powered Media Is Clearly the Future--But Is It the Present?"
Here is the session's listing from the show agenda:
Tuesday, June 13th
Hawthorn Room
AI-Powered Media Is Clearly the Future--But Is It the Present? 
In the past year, we have seen robust AI platforms and cognitive-computing solutions productized and packaged for content owners, distributors and advertisers. Cloud platforms including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, and Amazon AWS are delivering compelling AI-powered media solutions. The tech is real, the tools are undeniably cool and the buzz is thick. Video is a trifecta for these cloud platforms driving heavy CPU cycles, storage and bandwidth--but what are the core business cases and implications for the entertainment industry? Panelists include:
  • Ethan Dreilinger, Senior Client Solutions Engineer, IBM Watson Media
  • Scott Maddux, VP of Business Development, TiVo (Moderator)
  • Randa Minkarah, COO, Transform Digital
  • Tim Plowman, Principal Engineer & Developer Experience Architect, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corporation
  • Martin Wahl, Principal Program Manager, Cloud AI & Cognitive Services, Microsoft
Remember: TVOT SF 2018 takes place on June 13th and 14th:

North America