TVOT SF 2018: Amazon, ACR, Ad-Supported VOD, Cord-Shifting, Measurement and More

ITVT is pleased to announce the following TVOT SF 2018 Sessions:
10:10-10:35AM, June 13th
Hawthorn Room
Sandeep Gupta, VP of Product Development, Amazon Fire TV, in Conversation with Janko Roettgers, Senior Silicon Valley Correspondent, Variety
In conversation with Janko Roettgers, Senior Silicon Valley Correspondent for Variety, Sandeep Gupta, VP of Product Development for Amazon Fire TV, will discuss Fire TV's evolution, its integration of voice technology, the impact of OTA on consumer viewing habits, how Amazon is attempting to simplify the entertainment experience for viewers, how technology is changing the way that consumers interact with their TVs, and more.
11:05-11:55AM, June 13th
Hawthorn Room
ACR and Measurement
Smart TVs are predicted to be in 75% of all American homes within the next three years and the Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data from those smart TVs is changing the way the industry looks at measurement. ACR data, which measures viewing from any and every device, is being used to power everything from multitouch attribution to dynamic ad insertion on linear TV. This panel will look at how ACR data is shaking up the industry, who the major players are, how the industry is dealing with privacy concerns and what the future of measurement will look like. Panelists include:
1:55-2:45PM, June 13th
Cypress Room
Ad-Supported VOD
While Netflix dominates the VOD universe, there's a growing set of ad-supported VOD apps and platforms that are starting to see real traction, both in terms of viewers and advertisers. This panel will look at the advantages these digital platforms can offer in terms of ads that are more targeted, more interactive and more easily measured, and talk about who is doing it right, what they're doing, what's in it for advertisers, and what's in store for the future of this rapidly growing sector. Panelists include:
2:50-3:40PM, June 14th
Cypress Room
Towards a Cross-Platform Measurement Currency
This session will explore the new ways in which viewing is being measured and advertising sold, as television becomes an increasingly cross-platform medium--and will attempt to identify the most pressing questions that still need to be raised and answered as this evolution progresses. Issues to be addressed include: How is viewing being measured on digital venues such as Facebook and YouTube, how accurate are the measurement technologies and techniques that are being employed for this, and in what ways do they differ fundamentally from those for measuring traditional TV? While we hear a lot about advertising money going "from TV to Digital," what exactly are the facts? How much of "Digital" advertising is actually competitive with TV advertising anyway? And how close are we to having a common currency for measuring cross-platform viewing and for buying and selling TV advertising across platforms? Panelists include:
3:40-4:30PM, June 14th
Cypress Room
Cord-Shifting Is Not Cord-Cutting
TV isn't dying and cord-cutting isn't happening. No matter how much certain tech writers want it to be so. 70% of the viewers leaving traditional MVPDs are signing up for virtual MVPDs instead, where they're paying a monthly fee to watch network television, often live network television. These "cord-shifters" have fueled the rapid growth of vMVPDs over the past year, with even more rapid growth to come. This panel will look at why these new systems are so popular, what the various business models are, how advertisers are taking advantage of them, and why they are the likely to beat out a system based on individual network apps. Panelists include:
  • Jonathan Bohm, VP of Strategic Insights and Research, NBCUniversal
  • Jon Cody, CEO, TV4 Entertainment
  • Mike Keyserling, Head of Content Acquisition and Distribution Partnerships, Philo
  • Jeff Shultz, Chief Business Officer, Pluto TV
  • Brian Wallach, Chief Revenue Officer, Advanced TV, FreeWheel
  • Alan Wolk, Co-Founder/Lead Analyst, TV[R]EV (Moderator)
Remember: TVOT SF 2018 takes place on June 13th and 14th:
North America