Keynote by ITV America CEO, David George, at TVOT NYC 2018

ITVT is pleased to provide more details about the TVOT NYC 2018 keynote, featuring David George, CEO of ITV America, in conversation with Cynthia Littleton, Business Editor of Variety.

Here's the listing for the session from the show agenda:

Silas Theatre
Keynote: David George, CEO, ITV America, in Conversation with Cynthia Littleton, Business Editor, Variety

David George is CEO of ITV America, the largest independent producer of unscripted programming in the US, and the company behind such hits as Netflix's "Queer Eye," FOX's "Hell's Kitchen," and the upcoming CBS series, "Love Island," among many others.

In this fireside chat with Cynthia Littleton, Business Editor at Variety, George will explain how ITV America--which distributes content across over 30 networks and digital platforms--has implemented a new, "vertical" business strategy which, through what it terms "targeted development," enables it to thrive in the rapidly evolving TV programming market.

Remember: TVOT NYC 2018 takes place just 2 weeks from now, on December 6th


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