How to Drive Sales Lift through Connected TV at TVOT NYC 2018

ITVT is pleased to provide more details about the TVOT NYC 2018 presentation by Marissa Jimenez, President of Modi Media, and Tal Chalozin, CTO of Innovid. Here's the listing for the session from the show agenda:


The Beatrice Theatre inside the SVA Theatre in Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC

How to Drive Sales Lift through Connected TV 

This session will dive deep into the specific ways in which connected-TV/OTT advertising allows marketers to drive business outcomes. Representatives of Modi Media and Innovid will discuss how those companies worked together to enable Volvo to see a double-digit sales lift for its cars after running an interactive, data-driven video ad with the viewer in mind. Among other things, they will reveal which creative they believe delivers the most effective outcomes, and explain how TV advertising is evolving into a better viewing experience for both consumers and brands. Presenters include:

Remember: TVOT NYC 2018 takes place less than a week from now, on December 6th



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