C3 Metrics to Offer TVOT NYC Attendees Opportunity to Obtain Professional Certification in Attribution, Free of Charge

ITVT is pleased to announce that TVOT NYC 2018 Primetime Diamond SponsorC3 Metrics, will be offering attendees the opportunity to obtain a professional certification in Attribution free of charge.

The certification, normally priced at $1,999, requires participants to pass 4 self-paced online courses: Attribution Fundamentals, The Consumer Journey, Modeling & Validation, and Attribution Outcomes.

The courses--which explore the challenges faced by organizations that are attempting to be "data-driven"--are designed to enable participants to learn the necessary approaches and validation for success. More information on the courses can be found here.

In addition, C3 Metrics Co-Founder and COO, Jeff Greenfield, will deliver a special presentation at TVOT NYC 2018. Here's the listing for the presentation from the show brochure:




Silas Theatre at the SVA Theatre in New York City - December 6th

The Attribution Effect: How Advanced ROAS Analysis Will Change More than Just Media Buying

Attribution, though still in many respects in an early stage of evolution, is transforming how advertising is bought and measured, as well as valued. 

But as the ability to more accurately understand the impact of spend versus outcome advances, and as television advertising is increasingly transacted on this basis, what will the full spectrum of effects be not only on advertising, but on television itself? 

The modern commercial pod is predicated, to a significant extent, on delivery of reach and frequency to an audience. If that is no longer the primary objective of media--to deliver an audience, but more so to deliver an outcome--how will creative need to change to accommodate this more effectively? Does a commercial pod in linear television in this future still make sense? How might programming and content itself need to evolve? 

Jeff Greenfield, COO and Co-Founder of C3 Metrics, will help you get ahead of this revolutionary curve by looking at both the short-term and long-term impacts that "The Attribution Effect" will bring. 

Remember: TVOT NYC 2018 takes place just two days from now, on December 6th

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